Links to Old BIOS verions

Hello from the void

I ran into an issue while upgrading my bios from 3.06 to 3.07. I saw a suggestion on how to fix it, but I wanted to see if downgrading to 3.06 would be easier. So I went to the download page:

But the only link available is for the newest, even though the older versions are listed towards the botom. Are there any official links to download a zip with the installation scripts for older versions?

BIOS v3.06 has had it’s download links pulled due to a bad issue that they don’t want happening again, and BIOS v3.03 doesn’t have some needed parts for the newer batches.

IIRC the issue was caused by the previous bios (3.06) wiping nvram on upgrade, and it was fixed in 3.07? I haven’t tracked down the forum post that said that, though.

I found a solution, based on the first link I posted.

I used an archlinux usb to chroot into my hard drive. I then used grub-install to replace the boot file. My hard drive is encrypted, and it had Debian Sid installed. I followed the instructions in this video on how to open the luks device. Instructions for arch can be found here.

The upgrade script deletes the boot file, which is why the harddrive did not show up in the devices list.