Linus announces he made a mistake when investing in Framework!

I dont think anyone has posted this yet. Linus meets Nirav and the 16" Framework. @nrp

Linus’ mistake.

TBH I think I learnt more from the LTT video than maybe from the livestream!


Talking about the new laptop, could we pretty please with a cherry on the top get this Framework desktop background?! It’s so BEAUTIFUL
Capture framework2


That was one of the most click-baity pictures I ever saw…
…but I clicked on it, so it worked…


Yep definietly clickbate. But I’ve never been happier to click on clickbait. Just finished my 13" AMD purchase today and I plan on purchasing the 16" when it’s released.


Yeah just saw this. I have had my doubts and criticisms about Framework but it looks like they have really pulled out all the stops.

Good work and I’m actually a little bit curious and excited after almost writing them off 6 months ago.

The one thing I would say is be cautious guys. FOMO! All of a suddend some of you are going to be spending way more on bits and upgrades for this system than if you bought an ordinary laptop and kept it for say 5 years. Just think about it and don’t get carried away!



Clickbait and braggy at the same time. That’s the last video of his I’ll ever watch.


Then you’ll never watch YouTube ever again I take it.


In my opinion, in the current incentivized system of Youtube where the number of clicks affects to the creator’s income, creators persuade the number of clicks, and creators measure their success by the income, I am not surprised that creators make a choice of using the clickbait. And personally, I can’t blame people in the incentivized system. Instead, I may blame the incentivized system.

I really liked and enjoyed the video, and it was a well-summarized informative video, except for the clickbait. I like 98% and dislike 2% in my mind. Fortunately, there are “I like this” / " I dislike this" buttons. Audiences can express their opinion by clicking this. I had to click “I dislike this”. Because I hope they change a bit next time. When people click the “I like this”, the creators don’t notice that something is wrong in their video.


You clicked and watched it, right? Then the clickbait worked. Titles like this are everywhere, even with online news articles. If that’s the last LTT video you’ll watch just because its title is clickbaity, you’re going to have a really hard time irl.


I’ve been on the extreme end on this. Framework has vision and innovation right from the start. Framework Support is solid. For me, it was the QC and engineering that was the let down. Will have to see what this year’s actual products will be like, but I’m really happy about innovation.

Also, Framework was unlucky with the Intel display driver instability hell (on the Linux side)…Intel’s fault. Let’s hope Intel 13th gen and AMD Ryzen will bring along a smoother user experience this time around.


I never said that clickbait didn’t work. :slightly_smiling_face: I only watched up to the point where it was obvious that the lure was intentionally, massively deceptive, and when it felt like he was flaunting how much money he had.

Well, I do admit to having a problem on YouTube finding channels with content I respect, for the very reason you cite.

For people who watched that video, it certainly was good news for Framework. But I saw that video run by my feed about 25 times before I finally clicked on it, and up until that point, I simply assumed it counted as a bad review about Framework. So I wonder whether it ended up being a net positive or a net negative for the company.

I’m amazed how many don’t seem to realise how YouTube and most of social media works these days. :thinking:

I’m 52 and I get it. :rofl:


I specifically didn’t watch this video because of the clickbait. I would have watched it otherwise, but this is where I draw the line

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At 10:47 my SNACK drawer was shown! That’s a lot of eyeballs on such a silly little drawer. :wink:


My Dongle Hider for the Logitech Unifying Receiver was also shown. So I’m hyped about that!

As for clickbait I think its a classic “don’t hate the player, hate the game”. Linus and other Youtubers do this not necessarily because they want to but because they need to in order to get the video views. This kind of thing isn’t anything new. Take a look at newspaper headlines today vs 50 years ago. The front page of a news paper has always been designed in a way to catch your eye and buy a copy.

Youtube thumbnail pictures are basically the modern “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Linus’ newer thumbnails are done in a way where they show a hint of what the video subject is plus a photo of the host and honestly it works. If I’m scrolling through my sub feed I can identify what the subject and who the host is (which reveals the channel) without having to actually read the small channel name text below it.

Anyway, sorry for the mini-rant. I’m excited to get my Ryzen 5 upgrade when available. Gives me some time to start thinking about turning my 11th gen board into a DIY router.


@AlanMan It’s called HUMOR, dude… OK, maybe not great humor, but funny all the same.


Hey, humor is definitely a matter of opinion, right?

I probably watch between 20 and 40 YouTube videos daily, and only very rarely find myself annoyed with a video to the extent that I won’t patronize the channel anymore. But this was one of those times.

If it didn’t bother you, that’s fine. But please don’t presume that I’m naive about any of this stuff, or that because you found it funny, I should find it funny. It’s just a difference of opinion.

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I’m not the person you replied to, but I recently deleted my YouTube channel and started blocking cookies so that the front page is filled with nothing but trash content designed for children every time I open it. This might turn out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

I spend more time on hobbies and I don’t get sucked into multi-hour time sinks anymore. I feel more interested in my life and what I can do to improve it. I keep up with current events.

YouTube is actual garbage, especially with the way Google has run it into the ground, and it’s garbage that’s designed to steal as much of your time as possible for content that is worthless in the grand scheme of things. If Louis Rossmann says something important or Framework drops a big event or any number of things you may value, someone’s going to post the link somewhere. Keep up with your interests through other means.

I encourage everyone to only watch YouTube when given a link, block cookies for the site, and install browser extensions like Unhook to help kick the habit. Do things that mean something to you! Find a hobby! Anything but the nonsense being squeezed out of the rectum that is modern, algorithmic YouTube. For God’s sake, half of it is vertically filmed TikTok content by now.

Move on people! Build yourself a better life.


Same here. Started this about 6 months ago…and now getting more time back for myself.


Even a good video feels terrible if it’s clickbait

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