Nicco Loves Linux - In Defense of Framework 16

Recently, Niccolo Venerandi posted a video on the framework 16 in defense of some arguments against this laptop. Thought some people here might find it interesting:

Piped link:

Alternatively, youtube:

This is also available as an article by the original author of the piece, who I believe to be a regular contributor to the Nico Loves Linux channel:


The video isn’t off to a good start. Less than a minute in and it states the Framework 16 is being met with criticism while showing a thumbnail for the LTT vid that was clickbait where Linus states he wished he’d invested more in FW, and a thumbnail for a Rossman vid on the FW13.

Turned it off after that.


Yeah, I had noticed that part too, on top of that a thumbnail of Elevated Systems video on the 13 which showed some of the things he was less happy about, while still being overall positive about the laptop. The original Dave2d video and a few others would have made much more sense in that position.

Still though, I enjoyed the rest of this video

There is no controversy around this device, I’ll respectfully refuse to support clickbait by giving that link my traffic.


I just want the FW16 because of its repairability. My order is Q2 which seems too far but I can wait. I want to dual boot it with Linux & Windows. The concession that I have to make is alright on my end.


lol what? the only “controversy” Ive seen regarding this device is 1. lack of options especially for the GPU and 2. price point which people in both cases also make sure to point out that they understand it is a new company and it is already impressive what they’ve managed to do with this device.

Storm in a teacup from some over entitled gamers. Not controversial. :joy:

Let Framework get it launched with the good enough 7700S, then they can work on other GPU options.


Not controversial, just disappointing to not have a mid-range option. Or frankly just one option.

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It’s pretty reasonable to me to start with one when doing something this experimental, as long as they don’t stop at one XD.


To me, the only controversy about the Framework 16 is that I don’t need another laptop, but I really really want it, because it’s cool.


What do you mean by this? Isn’t the mid-range option to just use the igpu and have no dgpu?

What exactly would you say is the low range option then? No GPU? When talking about gaming, integrated is basically bare minimum graphics. The option given in the dedicated graphics is low end. Midrange would be 16GB cards. High end is generally only available as USB4 eGPUs.