[Linux] Fedora 40 crippling screen stuttering eGPU

Hello, I switched from Ubuntu MATE (which has OOTB eGPU support)
to Fedora 40 since it is officially supported, however, I am having major issues with using my eGPU and multiple monitor setup. After installing all-ways-egpu and disabling my iGPU, the laptop screen remains powered off but the other monitors work. However, there is a crippling screen stuttering issue that makes my laptop practically unusuable since it is super confusing and complicating everything. What do I do?

  • OS: Linux
  • Os Distribution: Fedora 40
  • Framework 12th generation

It seems to get worse and worse every hour.

@Matt_Hartley Any clue?

X11 or Wayland?

Also, if on X11, it likely depends on which monitor is the primary one.

Wayland. Xorg doesn’t boot, period.

I’ve had stuttering on X11 on my old system that got resolved by ensuring the internal monitor is the primary monitor. That forced compositing to happen on that one, and it reduced the stuttering (but not eliminated it completely).
See if you can change your primary monitor to see if you can control which gpu does the compositing?

I’m sorry, but I’m out of ideas. Possibly see if the issue is gnome/mutter specific or if plasma/kwin does a better job, or go back to mint/mate?

If the stuttering is happening with the eGPU, this may be worth reporting as a Fedora bug. We do not actively have the cycles to test against eGPUs.

That said, I had worked on program for eGPU using the same concept as what you would find with Ubuntu MATE. Unfortunately, time has passed and I have shuttered the project for the time being.

Being as Martin Wimpress is not just the leader for Ubuntu MATE, but also contributes to MATE in general, you might give this a whirl. The OOTB experience likely translates to it as well assuming the eGPU enclosure is using a NVIDIA card.

Closed, as I followed Matt’s advice to try Fedora MATE and I am still trying to get it to work.

@Jonjon I don’t think you mentioned the specific external GPU you’re running … but if it’s AMD (Radeon) then this sounds a lot like this very recent linux issue with “FreeSync” [TRACKING] Framework 16 & Linux 6.9.0-rc4/rc5 - extreme screen flickering - anyone else?