Linux Mint 21.1 on the Framework Laptop

Linux Mint 21.1 Beta was recently released (Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” – BETA Release – The Linux Mint Blog ). I tested it on a Framework Laptop with 11th and 12th Gen Intel Core, and it works smoothly.

I updated our guide for it here: Mint 21.1 Beta Installation on the Framework Laptop - Framework Guides


Awesome! I installed it in a VM, there are EXTENSIVE cosmetic changes.

But underneath, there are usually minor updates in these point releases. LM 21 works really smoothly on the Framework laptop so 21.1 should be fine too.

Incidentally I updated to kernel 6.0.0 on LM 21, seems to work fine.

LM 21.1 is due out by Christmas. Should make a nice present. :christmas_tree: :gift:

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Thanks! They did a nice job - looks really good.

Fantastic. Mint has been good about taking a careful, conservative approach as not to break stuff. So I’m pleased.

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Update: Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” was released today. I’ve edited the title to reflect that it’s out of beta.

Upgrade instructions from 21.0 will follow. Generally these are easy upgrades.


Fantastic, thanks @Fraoch

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Upgrading presently.

Out of the box Mint 20.3 I believe I had to install specialty drivers for the ethernet adapter and nothing else (and said adapter continues to have conniptions should I ever swap which slot its in), and I had to configure hibernate to work properly. Are we aware of any additional steps Mint 21.1 will need to take to get Frame.Works working at 100%?

The current guide for 21.1 was tested, follow those instructions and you’re good. Note, the Ethernet expansion card just works with the provided kernel. If it’s dropping connections, you will want to contact support as that may be a bad card.

Yep, this is correct. I would advice caution with any new release of a Linux distro as there are always bugs to be ironed out that may not shake out for a few weeks from the Mint team - the known issues section of their release notes would definitely have me waiting.

Makes sense. 21.2 just dropped, so let’s see how much willpower I have to delay upgrading :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m trying to install 21.2 right now, and it’s not going well. I can’t get past the initialization stuff. Should I try 21.1 instead?

Tried 21.1 also. No luck. Any help greatly appreciated. Wish I could post screenshots, but we’re well before the point where I could take one.

Hey Michael. I installed LMC 21.1 on a 12th Gen DIY Framework 13 without incident. I then nuked that install and re-did it with Secure Boot, Full Disk Encryption and an encrypted removable backup device. That’s all been humming along since January.

Without a little more information it won’t be possible for people to make targeted suggestions. If you have a camera you could use it in place of screen shots.

Tell us about your Framework hardware, how you prepped the installation media and what happens when you (try to) boot that media and execute the installer.


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Echoing what @truffaldino posted, how did you prepare for the installation?

This is a 12th Gen DIY edition with 2TB - WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™, 64GB (2 x 32GB) DDR4-3200, two USB-C cards, one USB-A card, and one microSD card. I downloaded the ISO from the Mint site (checksums were ok), and flashed it to a USB drive, using BalenaEtcher (sorry, couldn’t use Rufus–no Windows machines in this house).

When I try to boot, I get the Framework logo, the BIOS briefly, and then choose Linux Mint 21.2 cinnamon interface (also tried 21.1, and also, Manjaro–more on that in a moment). Mint logo appears, and then I get the sort of output in the first two screen shots I’m attaching:

Similar results when I tried 21.1. Then, when I tried a different distro entirely (Manjaro), things went similarly: Got to the Manjaro logo, selected standard install, then got the following:

So, I suppose this all means that the installer is not seeing the hard drive? When I installed it, it went in pretty smoothly–I did not have any problems refastening the screw afterward.

Ideas welcome, thanks.

I’ve not used Manjaro however in my experience with LMC 21.1 the SCSI disk driver claims the USB storage devices (/dev/sd[a-z]). The NVMe slot is claimed by the nvme storage driver and appears in the device tree as /dev/nvme0.

The kernel messages shown in the photos suggest problems with /dev/sda and /dev/sdb. One of these will be your boot “stick”; the other is probably your microSDXC card. Try installing without the storage card inserted to eliminate spurious problems.

My guess is that your boot stick is poorly prepared or faulty. You could be more confident that it was OK if you were able to boot into the Mint Live environment on a different machine.


PS: I used bash(1) on a Dell lappy running Ubuntu to prepare the Mint Live booter. Downloaded the ISO with wget(1), verified it with sha256sum(1) and wrote it to a USB disk (the disk device, not a partition) with dd(1).

@Michael_A_Botwin this looks like bad install media. Try making the bootable usb with either dd, fedora media writer, or imagewriter (opensuse).

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I would never have believed that the boot stick was bad–but it was. I was able to get myself going with a different flash drive. Thanks, guys. Now one more question: Right or wrong (probably wrong) I installed 21.2, which seems to be fine, but when I try to do the final step of installation (Completing Setup, with the long sudo apt string), I get an error message which I will attach here (I’m sure this is my fault for installing 21.2 before a guide was made for it). Nevertheless, if anyone can direct me as to how to edit that string to do all the right things with a 21.2 install, it would be great, thanks.

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@nadb Nailed it - delighted it worked out for you, @Michael_A_Botwin

This is why I buy flash drives by the barrel - never trust them. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the nudge in the right direction. About my problem with 21.2: Should I just nuke my 21.2 install, and re-do with 21.1 for now?