Linux Mint 21.1 on the Framework Laptop

Linux Mint 21.1 Beta was recently released (Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” – BETA Release – The Linux Mint Blog ). I tested it on a Framework Laptop with 11th and 12th Gen Intel Core, and it works smoothly.

I updated our guide for it here: Mint 21.1 Beta Installation on the Framework Laptop - Framework Guides


Awesome! I installed it in a VM, there are EXTENSIVE cosmetic changes.

But underneath, there are usually minor updates in these point releases. LM 21 works really smoothly on the Framework laptop so 21.1 should be fine too.

Incidentally I updated to kernel 6.0.0 on LM 21, seems to work fine.

LM 21.1 is due out by Christmas. Should make a nice present. :christmas_tree: :gift:

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Thanks! They did a nice job - looks really good.

Fantastic. Mint has been good about taking a careful, conservative approach as not to break stuff. So I’m pleased.

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Update: Linux Mint 21.1 “Vera” was released today. I’ve edited the title to reflect that it’s out of beta.

Upgrade instructions from 21.0 will follow. Generally these are easy upgrades.


Fantastic, thanks @Fraoch

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Upgrading presently.

Out of the box Mint 20.3 I believe I had to install specialty drivers for the ethernet adapter and nothing else (and said adapter continues to have conniptions should I ever swap which slot its in), and I had to configure hibernate to work properly. Are we aware of any additional steps Mint 21.1 will need to take to get Frame.Works working at 100%?

The current guide for 21.1 was tested, follow those instructions and you’re good. Note, the Ethernet expansion card just works with the provided kernel. If it’s dropping connections, you will want to contact support as that may be a bad card.