Linux Mint 21 Beta on the Framework Laptop

Linux Mint 21 Beta was recently released (Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” Xfce – BETA Release – The Linux Mint Blog). I did a quick test of it on a Framework Laptop with 12th Gen Intel Core, and it works smoothly.

I published a Guide for it here: Mint 21 Beta Installation on the Framework Laptop - Framework Guides


Thank you!

I’ve been experimenting with it in a VM on my desktop. Smooth and polished as usual - even more so. And now you don’t have to mess with kernels, it comes with 5.15.

I do have to say that I find it a bit interesting that Rufus seems to be the preferred manner by Framework employees for booting LInux ISOs which I always found to be a bit odd since

  1. it’s a Windows-only application

  2. Even since discovering Ventoy through a Louis Rossmann video I felt it pretty much superseded the entire concept of writing single ISO files to a USB drive (not to mention it’s a cross-platform solution)


Mint 21 is now out of Beta.


Running Mint 21 Cinnamon, smooth.

Some tweaks seem necessary, e.g. screen brightness keys aren’t working ootb.

Like in Windows 10, processor consumption of 1 of 16 cores is at 100% and CPU temperature rises u to 100°C when opening a 100MB text file (paintstorm studio start script).

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Whoa. Files this size are probably not intended to be opened by a text editor in any OS. I could see how that would cripple many otherwise well-equipped systems.

Would it work better in a CLI editor like nano? Or vi, if you’re familiar with that?