Linux Wi-Fi and Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro®

Hello everyone. I have a brand new Framewrok DIY with a new install of Fedora 35. I ordered the Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 vPro® wi-fi card and my wi-fi is really bad. Super slow, terrible connectivity. Other machines I have work great. I found out that I should NOT have ordered this card as irt does not work good with Linux. Has anyone else had this problem and did you find a work-around? I ordered the non vPro card but wondered if there is an existing workaround in place for the card I have. Thanks!

Many people seem to have speed issues with ax210.

If you have not seen it already, this thread has a lot of info.

Hope this helps.

I’ve tried what’s in there but nothing seems to work. My kernel is 5.16.15 and 5.16 is supposed to work. Right now to be honest I am looking into returning my Framework. If anyone has some documented steps that work I’ll be glad to try them.

Just a note, the link above says that 5.12 currently is recommended. I’d suggest downgrading to that, if it works better then go with it! I hope it doesn’t come to returning it, they are very fun to work with.

FWIW, I’m on kernel 5.17.0~rc5 (haven’t rebooted yet to use rc8) but was on 5.16.* earlier, all without issues. I do have the non-vPro version, but I’m also wondering if it’s something about your router that’s not playing nice with the card. I’ve definitely heard of tons of wifi issues around card-router compatibility (particularly around WiFi 6 and 6E), and not just with this card (FWIW).

Glad I saw this. Luckily I already have another WiFi module from another laptop that I should be able to swap in if I run into this problem, and I’m planning to mostly connect through ethernet on my charger/hub combo. Those solutions might help you as well.

I have a multiboot setup with Fedora Rawhide, OpenSUSE TW, Garuda Linux, and Pop_OS with the same WiFi card as you and they all work wonderfully out of the box–no configuration needed.

Edit: Sorry, I misread–I have the non-Pro version. My mistake!

I just ordered an older AW200 to see if that works. All I can say is avoid the Pro version!

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vPro is definitely still bugged… firmware just outright crashes on Fedora and partially works on Arch. Ordered another card, hopefully it works.

Sadly I had to return my Framework. I tried 3 different wi-if cards. Never got a reliable connection. Super bummed! I loved the machine otherwise.

The vPro is not supported on Linux, as far as I am aware.

The name is a little misleading; it’s not better than the non-pro version unless you are using the added enterprise-related functionality for your work. If the machine is just for yourself, the non-Pro is the way to go.