Using the AX210 with Linux on the Framework Laptop

The AX210 and AX210 vPro are the two WiFi modules we’re currently making available with the Framework Laptop DIY Edition. These are brand new modules that support WiFi 6E and have only recently started to get support in Linux. There was support in kernel 5.10, followed by a firmware regression in kernel 5.11 which was fixed in 5.12. We recommend using kernel 5.12 or newer if you’ll be using an AX210 with the Framework Laptop. This should be rolling out in popular Linux distros over the next months.

There’s more context on this here:

We also recommend avoiding the vPro version for now, since there may be issues with standby power consumption in Linux.


Qualcomm Atheros AR9462 (QCNFA222) is an older card which seems like it has the right form factor. Looks like it might work. I know some other Atheros cards are blob-free. No first hand experience with this one though.

planning on running arch here so this should be no issue at all :slight_smile:

What key is the 2230 socket? I’ve seen cards that are key A and key E. Thanks.