Loose down arrow key on two keyboards

Framework 13" Laptop DIY Edition (12th Gen)

Anyone else have issues with the down arrow key becoming unseated from the keybed? Or do I just have awful luck?

I recently bought a replacement keyboard after the key came loose. I’m assuming some tiny piece of plastic footing keeping it in place had snapped off, causing the key to rotate freely away from the chassis, pivoting on the other unbroken foot.

But when I installed the new keyboard, it was broken in the same way as well! Almost thought I accidentally installed the broken one, but no. Finger grease, dirt, and an embarrassing amount of crumbs confirm it: it was indeed the new keyboard, and it has the same defect. The key on this one usually manages to stay in place on the new keyboard, so long a I’m gentle, so it’s workable for now.

If any mods are reading this, I’ve submitted two support requests via the website support form – though they seem to have disappeared into the void, as I’ve not even received a automated receipt confirmation. Would love a replacement or a refund… or, really, a keyboard that isn’t broken! :slight_smile:

When did you submit the support request? They normally try to respond within 24 hours (business days), but they have been really swamped lately. If it has been at least one or two business days since you submitted the support request, have you checked your spam folder?

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It’s been a few weeks now – and I double checked my spam folder. Nothing there.

Normally I would say that creating additional support requests for the same issue isn’t going to help or speed things along. But in this case, certainly something must have went wrong because I’ve never heard of support taking that long. I would try contacting support again.

We will have someone look into this in the coming week. This is not normal.

The only time I have seen this is if you have a custom self-hosted email with your own server. If the rules aren’t configured correctly, they may reject emails coming from Framework’s email service.

Could very well be an email hosting issue. I don’t self-host, it’s a Gmail account through an educational institution, but I know this account has done some weird things in the past.

Curious, though: any known issues with keyboards breaking like this?

I certainly can’t say it has never happened before. But I think most of the “known” issues that a lot of people experience tend to generate large threads on here and I haven’t seen anything. I could have just missed it, but I personally haven’t seen this as a common issue.

Got it. Thanks! I’ll re-submit a ticket – I’m hoping it won’t end up in the same void.

Hello @hellerud,

We’ve been responding to each of your tickets, which have been hard bouncing to the email you’ve provided. We’ve even tried calling the phone number on your order.

Please PM me with an alternate email address to replace the current one with and we will continue correspondence on the existing threads.



Thanks so much! Glad to have figured out it’s an email error – and a bad phone number too, damn! I’ll PM right away.

No worries. I’ve responded to you both via PM and ticket with the new email. I also updated your account to use the new email as primary. We’ll get you sorted.

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Just wanted to let it be known for posterity that I received a replacement keyboard super fast and had great communication with the support team.

Framework rules! Thanks to the whole team!