Louis Rossmann commented on the RTC battery handling situation

@Azure That a job might be “tedious” is never in itself a good business reason for avoiding it.

However, in this case there’s no heavy lifting to be done: Framework will already have a list of worldwide repair shops that have signed or have applied to sign the NDA for the mainboard circuitry.



I doubt that very much, what gave you that idea, it seems to say the least a bit extreme

Framework does require an NDA for board level repairs before they issue detailed schematics.

I’m aware of that :slight_smile: But it is the initial part of that sentence which I baulked at :slight_smile:

A list ?
Worldwide ???


Oh, I think that he meant that if repair shops have reached out to FW to get access to schematics then by necessity they would have a list. Not necessarily that Fw would proactively contact repair shops. That would be a bit absurd.

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Yes that was my reading

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That list is very small. The amount of legitimate repair shops that have gone through the process to request full schematics is single-digit currently.


Well that’s more than I thought so that’s between 2 and 9 then. Are they all in the US and/or can you reveal the ‘list’?

I know someone in the UK that may be interested, what can I tell them about getting in touch and what hurdles they have to jump ? :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately it’s not for us to publicize these individuals/companies. If they wish to come forward and solicit their services, that’s their call.


My suggestion wasn’t intended to second-guess the size of the list. I assumed there would be a list and that it would be useful for the community to know about it.

That does surprise me. In fact, I’m astonished that the standard form for repair shops applying to sign the NDA doesn’t include a tickable box labelled: “Framework has a lively community of users. May we alert them to the services you have to offer?”


While I agree for larger companies, Framework is still a small team, and dedicating even one employee to reach out to as many repair shops as they can find is a lot of work that I would rather have them put into making new products and working on supporting their current products. As we have seen in the recent posts in this thread, they aren’t able to share the list of current repair shops that are under their NDA, but those repair shops can publicize their ability to do this repair, and since the fixes themselves are public, any repair shop that’s willing to buy the parts and look at the instructions on the forum have no need to contact Framework just to do this one repair (although I would love to see more shops reach out to be added to that list!)

Makes me wistful for the days when I noticed the corner of the ‘E’ legend on my Dell laptop keyboard had flaked off. One call and less than 24 hours later an engineer arrived and replaced the whole keyboard in 5 minutes flat and was gone.

:slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes it wasnt all bad.

Nice reminder.

I bought 2 of the 4150s as my eldest daughter was off to Uni and I wanted to have a backup to help. I got her the 4 year extra warranty, but yes I remember them turning up more that once to effect a repair. Oh the joys of globalisation and social alternative to DIY.

Why do I bother :slight_smile: