Louis Rossmann Framework daily driver review

Not sure if the Framework keeps track of review videos or not, but this is a nice review by Mr Rossmann and provides some good pros / cons.

Seems like all he needs is a ThinkPad style keyboard and would be happy, hah… (me too please)


Nice video from Louis. It’s thanks to this video that I’ve just found out about framework, and am here!


Louis is the reason I heard of Framework in the first place. His views on the Thinkpad keyboard match my own 100%, but I disagree with him on more ports vs modularity. The modularity means I don’t actually need all those extra ports anymore. And just being able to charge from either left or right sides has proven to be the single most unexpectedly useful feature on the machine in two years of use.


pretty cool video ya!
interesting opinions, although I disagree with his modular ports take a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree completely about the abuse. My Framework’s taken a lot of it, and looks and works fine.

I find the modular expansion ports convenient. My Thinkpad had a few ports I never used.

I’m running Manjaro and have no issues with phantom palm presses on my trackpad. (This was an issue with previous linux laptops, though). Thought I’m miss the trackpoint, but don’t really.


I have been sitting on the sidelines for a long time, but after watching this video, I finally decided to create an account here on the Framework Community forums. I just want to express my gratitude to Framework for a great track record over the years. I don’t own one at the moment, but the Framework 16 is absolutely my next laptop buy.


He points out (starting at 2:00 mark) on the issue I wholeheartedly agree with and want to bring out:

Keyboard layout that relies on Fn to access important keys - sucks.

If people get really desperate…

It does seem possible to mate the two input methods (donor pointing stick + keyboard) but I doubt it will be very seamless as the Framework chassis doesn’t really have a spot for the stick to come up :thinking:.

A more realistic option is maybe this J-Mouse concept?

Not sure if I have seen many modern day keyboards with this feature though…

I originally thought I was going to miss the pointer, and the physical buttons…have not missed them yet. Adapt and overcome.