Low power SSD selection

The problem with WD is that their “datasheet” for the Black drives don’t contain the “boring info chart” found on many other components (e.g. max tolerance, minimum guaranteed performance, shock tolerance, temperature, humidity, mean time between failure, different commands, baud rate, additional capabilities) and instead focus on vaguely brag about its performance (e.g. 7000MB/s (burst) read/write), so consumers are more likely to purchase it (because nobody care about shock tolerance).
I categorize that as a “flyer” rather than a datasheet. But, they did provide very detailed sheets for the other drives and I am pretty happy about it.

I went to the Crucial site to look for their SSD today. Nothing about power consumption.
They even labeled the link as “consumer flyer”, so its neither a datasheet nor will it contain any “industrial” regulatory info (such as power consumption).

I guess I would have known that since it mentioned " Designed specifically for intensive workloads, high-quality creative content, and hardcore gaming", which are very consumer things.

@Xavier_Jiang tomshardware.com has some data on the SN850, and they do efficiency testing (which I find to be more useful than pure w/h comparisons). Unsurprisingly, the P31 tops their charts, but the 980 Pro comes in second, which delights me as I bought one months ago.

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The main reason I am not a regular to their site is because it’s all over the place. Not that the content is bad (they are ok), but they don’t have a “homepage” that leads you to the many different articles they write. Or they do, but it’s clutter on top of clutter and I can’t find the ones I look for (literally LTT youtube channel is more organized)
The last time I visit them is like a year ago.

980 Pro is pretty good, having fast write speeds and a relatively low power usage during write (based on 980 PCIe 3). As you noted it is not on my chart because I can’t find the power consumption data on them.

1TB Performance Results - WD Black SN850 M.2 NVMe SSD Review: Top-Tier Storage for Gamers and Pros (Updated) | Tom's Hardware is the link for the review of the 1TB version for those who want to save time searching the site. Scroll down a bit and you’ll find a five picture gallery on power consumption which I found quite interesting and useful.