Lowes.com redirect

Very non-FW related but I am browsing the web and everytime I go to lowes.com I get redirected to some BS Node Version manager. Can anybody else verify this behavior? Or is it just me? I restarted the browser anticipating that anything stored in browser should be wiped clean if it were a local problem.

This behavior persists across a computer restart as well. Perhaps a weird DNS issue?

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Just tried from the UK. Never heard of Lowes but it looks like a shop

I get the following:

Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “http://www.lowes.com/” on this server.

Reference #18.2d652817.1670501308.3d4d3855

Our Lowe’s is a menswear store in Australia; is this the same?

Just to confirm again UK using the link in the above post

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I get the same page as @amoun with a script blocker “noscript” in use.

As soon as I enable scripting I get the “Access Denied” error @Tinkererer_Belle posted.

With “lowes.com.au” being the Australian menswear store I suspected the lowes site may be getting location/region blocked.

I cleared my browser, turned off all privacy addons, set my VPN to Denver in the US, and with scripting enabled got the lowes site but just the main banner. Most of the sites content was missing and any changes to privacy addons or the script blocker would trigger the access denied page.

It seems there may be a site scripting or some sort of configuration problem with the lowes site. I’m not totally sure but if this is the case then it may possibly explain your redirect to the site you mention. The site seems pretty “screwy” functionality wise from here.

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Just an update:

I’m using Firefox 107.0.1 on Win 11 and Ubuntu 22.04
All Cookies, Tracker, Cryptominers and Figerprinters etc. Blocked

Both give the same output ~ no ‘problems’
I have to exempt a site if it requires cookies, this site doesn’t

Well, after going to bed and waking back up, the issue no longer exists. Very odd indeed. For the record, Lowes is indeed a shop, a home improvement store. You buying plumbing supplies, appliances, electrical stuff, that kind of thing.

Sleep ~ the cure for today’s problems and the preparation for tomorrow’s :slight_smile: