LVFS update for fingerprint reader on 12th Gen Intel?

It seems there’s an update for the fingerprint reader on the Framework 13 12th Gen Intel (and maybe 11th Gen Intel?) via LVFS from 252 to 330 in testing:

  └─13in Fingerprint Sensor Fingerprint Reader Update:
        New version:      01000330
        Remote ID:        lvfs-testing
        Release ID:       55323
        Summary:          Goodix Fingerprint Print Moc Sensor Firmware
        License:          Proprietary
        Size:             193.4 kB
        Created:          2023-08-14
        Urgency:          Medium
        Tested by Framework:
          Tested:         2023-11-30
          Distribution:   fedora 39 (workstation)
          Old version:    01000252
          Version[fwupd]: 1.9.9
        Vendor:           Framework
        Duration:         10 seconds
        Release Flags:    • Trusted metadata
                          • Is upgrade
                          • Tested by trusted vendor
        LVFS release to allow native Linux update from the factory firmware.
        Checksum:         3fdd1e6400f6fe7c92dc8b76c959d116302c17705c79dd7d6ab5d5367a7341b9

I’ve applied this to my 12th-gen Framework 13 via fwupd (lvfs-testing). The update applied successfully and my fingerprint reader still works as expected!

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I’ve updated, too, but would never notice if the fingerprint reader stopped working since I haven’t used it at all …

That’s kind of strange: After rebooting into a couple of other OSs and updating lvfs from 1.9.9 to 1.9.10, the number of local device supported by lvfs is back to 5 (from 6 during a couple of weeks at the beginning of December) and the firmware version of the fingerprint sensor is again at 252 (back from 330). :thinking:

fwupdmgr get-history still shows that an update happened:

│ └─(null) Update:
│       New version:      01000330
│       Remote ID:        lvfs-testing
│       License:          Unknown
│       Description:      
│       The vendor did not supply any release notes.

After the update suddenly reappeared for me with fwupdmgr get-updates and I did the update again with fwupdmgr update, I think I now understand what happens. As long as you’re staying on linux everything is okay, you’ll keep the updated firmware. But as soon as you boot into Windows, the installed Windows driver from the original Framework driver package (there hasn’t been an update) for the fingerprint reader of the 12th gen will revert the firmware back to the old version. And then fwupdmgr get-updates will again announce that there’s an update for the fingerprint reader. And so on and so on… unless the update disappears from lvfs or there’s an update to the windows driver.
Well, that’s a less than ideal situation…

I’ve run into this now, it’s still a current issue as of March 2024. Booting Windows even once reverts the Goodix to 252, and you have to update again. If anyone at Framework can poke Goodix for an updated Windows driver, it’ll make the dual booters happier. I may consider just dumping Windows as a solution as well.

Tired of ping-ponging between versions 334 on Linux and 252 on Windows, I decided to give the driver for the fingerprint reader from the Beta driver package for the AMD Ryzen 7040 laptops a chance.
The extracted Goodix driver can be also installed on the 12th Gen Intel. So far, that seems to stop the downgrade when booting into Windows - but keep in mind, I don’t actually use the fingerprint reader in Windows, so I haven’t tested if you have to re-enroll your fingerprints.

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Works for me. Just installing the new Goodix Windows driver upgraded the firmware to 334 globally. Existing Windows fingerprints remained intact as you would expect from a Windows driver upgrade.