M.2 2230 SSD Recommendations for the Framework 16

That would appear to be identical to the 740 on offer from Framework.

Sorry for the late reply, but thank you very much for the clarification!

Yeah, the Western Digital SN770M appears to be identical to the Western Digtial SN740, spec wise.
Western Digital SN740: https://documents.westerndigital.com/content/dam/doc-library/en_us/assets/public/western-digital/product/internal-drives/pc-sn740-nvme-ssd/product-brief-pc-sn740-nvme-ssd.pdf

Only difference I see is that the 770 appears to have 2x the TBW for the 2GB model.

Any thoughts on this Micron 2230 2TB SSD?


…can’t go wrong with Micron although I wonder why it isn’t branded Crucial.

Note this is not an official endorsement, just my opinion. I don’t have an FW16 so I can’t test but there should be no reason why it wouldn’t work.

I think Micron often brands products as Micron when they plan to primarily sell it to OEMs (although in many cases they do still allow customers to buy it) whereas they brand products as Crucial when they plan to primarily sell it directly to customers.



Many suggestions about SSDs are based on reputable brands, price, capacity and speed, but what about self-encryption capability?

Are there any options for M.2 2230 SSDs supporting hardware-based full-disk encryption?

I know most Crucial/Micron SSDs are OPAL 2.0+ compliant but do you know any other similar manufacturers?

Information on this topic appears to be scarce between vague datasheets and different naming…

Thanks in advance for your suggestions !

In the 2230 size the larger WD SN770’s have longer TBW than the 740’s and scale proportionally with size rather than incrementally. i.e. The 0.5, 1 and 2 TB sizes the 740’s have TBW of 300, 400 & 500 while the 770’s have TBW of 300, 600 & 1200.
See https://www.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/internal-drives/pc-sn740-ssd?sku=SDDPTQD-1T00 and https://www.westerndigital.com/en-gb/products/internal-drives/wd-black-sn770m-nvme-ssd?sku=WDBDNH0010BBK-WRSN
The 770’s are also a tiny fraction thinner than the 740’s: 2.29mm vs 3.38mm.

Endurance is important for me so I think I’ll drop the 740 from my pre-order and source a 770 independently. I’m planning on using a 1TB 2230 for the OS and programs and a 4TB 2280 for data storage. Depending on prices I find close to delivery time I might even consider a 2TB 770 2230.

I am going to use this:

Seems pretty affordable and capable. If it works well with the steam deck, it should work fine here.

While reading the post, I became a bit worried: I would like to use samsung 990 pro 1TB (https://www.alza.sk/EN/samsung-990-pro-1tb-d7516911.htm?o=2). Will I be able to chuck it on top of the WD drive installed from factory or should I rather just order the SSDs in order not to face the compatibility issues?

2230 means it has a length requirement of 30mm. What you have is a 2280, which is 80mm. Framework said there were size constraints, so I am not sure if you can use the 2230 port without damaging the ssd, or other parts of the laptop. You could try to see if the M.2 Expansion bay is available or something. Just assume you can only use one 2280 regular M.2 ssds.

The official word is that a 2230 and a 2280 drive can be used together, provided that they are both single sided. There is a bit of conjecture around potential heat issues though…

I am aware of the fact I can have only one 2280 ssd but my question was mostly targeted towards the height requirement.

You would need to find out if the SSD you wish to use is single-sided. If it is, then it should be fine. If it’s double-sided then you’d need the exact bottom side height, which may not be easy to find. It’s possible that the manufacturer may not even publish the exact bottom side height.
See Height limitations when using double-sided SSD for Primary Storage

The picture certainly looks single-sided, but I wouldn’t rely on that myself. They could potentially reuse pictures for different models.

After googling a bit, it seems to be single-sided. You might want to check yourself though.

Just bought this one as Black Friday deal for my FW16, it says it is single-sided so I hope it is fine ;).

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I did get this drive and tested it. It’s real (full 2 TB working), and during the test, actual speeds are 600 MB/s reads, 350 MB/s writes. That’s sequential and after running out of the SLC cache. I’m sure I killed a 1/4 of it’s life by running these tests, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fake 256 GB drive or something like that.

A far cry from their advertised speeds, but it’s still faster than spinning rust and good as a 2nd drive for data or (in my case) a Linux OS drive. Not planning on a lot of huge sequential reads and writes.