M.2 2230 SSD Recommendations for the Framework 16

the seagate firecuda is also a TLC single sided 2230 m.2 drive

Was on Sale sadly no Framework to put it in…

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Also the same ranking for reliability and lifespan.

Given SLC and MLC are non-existant any more outside the enterprise space, TLC > QLC.

If you want to find some way of connecting up a slow old Intel X25-M to a FW16 cause it’s MLC then knock yourself out. :laughing:

samsung uses MLC on their 990 Pro drives up to 2TB

Are they 2230 length drives (Note the subject title)? I thought the 990 pro are 2280.

3-bit MLC is still TLC. :laughing:

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Anyone thinking about using the Sabrent Rocket Q4 2230 2TB?

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I took the 1TB version, because it is more robust TLC. 2TB version uses QLC.

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If you are using it for your OS drive, that’s a good idea. I was just going to use it for file storage and my game library.

I use the 2280 as Game library. Faster accesses, games like it :wink:

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That was my thinking too, a smaller, 1TB, 2230 to boot from and have apps etc, then a bigger, 2 or 4TB, 2280 for storage.

I may do that as well. Move the boot dive to the second (2230 size) slot and add a big 2280 drive for storage. I think you can just set things in the BIOS to boot from the 2nd drive.

Reason I chose the Sabrent 1TB drive is:

  1. Very low power consumption in idle mode
  2. Non QLC chipset usage (vs. 2TB drive has it).

Reason I chose the Solidigm 2TB Drive:

  1. Extremely fast drive
  2. Very low power consumption in idle mode
  3. No 4TB drive available :}

This is to make sure on battery can last most.
Also, heat-production will be lowest because less power == less heat dissipation.

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It is so sad that the big brands don’t really care about Linux, so firmware updates need to be usually done in Windows. That’s my main consideration (though I am planning to run Windows in VM, so it should be still possible to upgrade as needed).

While I was thinking about Sabrent as it seems to be the best right now, I’ll probably stick to WD_BLACK SN770M. After all, FW declared they are supporting only WD_BLACK drives - and while WD also ignores Linux needs, I bet on bigger community support as most FW orders will have them.

If you are looking for some Presidents Day deal in US, I see none, but Honey+Paypal pays up to $20 back, when you purchase it in the official WD store.

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Actually, manufacturers provide you a bootable ISO to boot into and flash the drive.
What most don’t know is that it is a linux system that runs below.
Have recently updated the BIOS of my SSD Drives on my server - live - using the following instructions: Firmware update Samsung SSD in Linux - Intermittent Technology - Just make sure, when you do these kind of manipulations, to reboot the machine into single-user mode, and then only run the patches.
Who would boot a Windows on a linux Server to update the BIOS ??? Really…

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