M.2 2280 slot space

Hi folks, very excited to have a Framework 16 on pre-order!

I ordered mine without RAM and storage, and plan to order some once my ship date gets closer. Some m.2 2280 drives come with heat sinks attached, which makes them thicker.

How thick can an m.2 2280 drive be and still fit comfortably into the 16’s 2280 slot area?


It’s in the knowledge base: Height limitations when using double-sided SSD for Primary Storage

Edit: I realize now that they only list the inner height there. I don’t know how much space there is in the other direction.


Awesome, thanks!

I think you might have to wait for people to get the devices in hand to make measurements. However, judging from the photographs the tolerances seem extremely tight. I wouldn’t imagine that SSDs sold with an attached heat sink - at least the ones I’ve seen personally - will fit.

You can see the SSD at the very bottom of this photo. It looks to me as though the flat black section attached to the heat pipes directly above that is meant to support the tray holding the input modules. As such, my guess is that the SSD should be no taller than that flat black section.

With an SSD that has components going up to 1.5mm above the PCB surface (the max height allowed by the M.2 spec), there is a small fraction of a mm available. That means there is no space to add a heatsink. However, there is space to add a thin, compliant gap pad to be able to sink heat directly into the “mid plate” that the Input Modules sit on top of.


could I add a thick thermal pad to my ssd and have it passive cooled with the bottom of the keyboard/ trackpad module?

See the post immediately above yours. NRP says that you could add a thin pad on the top SSD and it would then sink heat into the plate that sits between the board and the input module area above.

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Kinda. He said Gap Pad, and if you’ve taken laptops to bits you’ve seen them.


Fortunately, they’re easy enough to source.

Functionally comparable to thermal paste. In fact most of the OEM laptops I used to repair ran those for thermal paste, unlike desktops, which use the goopy thermal paste you may be more familiar with:



I don’t think anyone was suggesting thermal paste on the ssd.

As these two slots are directly on top of one another

Wait what why?
I’m so confused (and sad). And only single-sided 2230s.

Basically, pick between a thicc 2230 + a thin 2280 (dual sided), or normal one-sided 2230 + thick dual-sided 2280.

Well, at least we have the expansion bay. I’m waiting on that. Although that will likely mean no graphics card.
Which, honestly, I do not [_] care. I’m not a massive gamer anyways, and if the Xe in the i5-1135G7 is sufficient for me, then anything that comes after it will also be sufficient.

Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - Memory and Storage

For storage, we’ve put in two M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen4x4 sockets, one of which is 2280-sized and other 2230-sized. We attempted to fit two 2280 sockets, but with everything else we’re doing on the Mainboard, we ran out of space. 2280 modules are available on the market with up to 8TB capacity, while 2230 modules are available up to 2TB.