FW16 SSD Heatsink Utilizing both Bays

I’ve been thinking about the fact that the m.2 2230 SSD connector will be located beneath the 2280 SSD connector. I’ve been trying to determine what heatsink options will work in this configuration, and if there will be clearance above the 2280 drive to install a shim style (flat copper) heatsink with a 1mm or 2mm silicon conductive pad.

Also, wondering what the clearance will be between the 2230 and 2280 SSDs (would a silicon pad beneath the 2230 drive, annd another one sandwiched between the 2280 and 2230 be advisable? My current load out (sitting on hot standby since August) are a WD Black SN850X 4TB (2280), and a WD SN740 2TB (2230).

Short version of question: what does Framework advise for thermal heatsinks when both m.2 slots are occupied?

All in the knowledge base : Height limitations when using double-sided SSD for Primary Storage (frame.work)

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