M.2 SSD compatibility and power consumption

I am thinking of buying wether a Samsung Evo plus 970 or a western digital Sn750.
Sn750 seemed the more compatible/tested option.
But in n benchmark Sn750 has very poor idle power standby.

It’s been discussed a few times here, but the NVME that appears to be on top for power draw, temperature, and speed is the SK Hynix Gold P31. As far as compatibility goes, really any 2280 NVME PCI gen 3, or 4 will work with the Framework, or at least I’ve not seen anyone complaining that such and such brand did not.


Not anymore, look to the SK Hynix P41 for that. It draws more power but hits idle quicker. The only problem is availability, only NA seems to have easy availability. OP, a dramless drive will draw the least amount of power so the Samsung 980 is likely your best bet if you aren’t in NA.

Been very happy with my P31. P41 might be a step up if you can or want to spend the money on it, if not a P31 would be an excellent choice.

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The SN750 is an outlier I would avoid. These are milliwatts with power management

I found the Anadtech benchmarks quite useful for comparing. I think PCI gen 3 devices will use the least power.

I would note that most drives perform with differences of milliwatts on idle (when power management is not turned off) and unless you are writing A LOT of data all the time the differences shouldn’t be that great.

Yeah, that was the chief complaint I’ve heard about it. Did any benchmarks come back outlining just ‘how much’ extra power is being drawn by it? The marketing seems to think they’re jsut as energy efficient.


Bunch of reviews there, tomshardware as I recall had power management numbers, I said which ones did and which didn’t in that thread