Max output

What is the maximum voltage and current that one USB-C port can output for a Wireless Charger?

5V/3A output is supported.


Thanks have a couple chargers in mind, will be quite simple apart from making a model that I can sit the charger in.

I was thinking of getting a 15 watt wireless charger like this one:|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 and desolder the micro USB and attach some wires to the board that goes inside the laptop for the expansion card, or figure out the schematic and make my own with a different form factor. If you haven’t seen I am Australian.

What speeds do the USB-A and USB-C expansion cards support for charging of external devices? And does this change while the laptop is off (either actually off, or in sleep/standby)?

I have not read anywhere where it was mentioned that the framework laptop could be used to charge other devices. I mean, sure, if you plug something into the device while it is on, it will charge by virtue of needing power to communicate with the computer.

But I’ve never seen any verbiage along the lines of Thinkpads Always-On USB ports.

Just did a quick test. On battery, the USB-A expansion card provides power while on and sleeping, but not while off.
While charging/plugged in, the USB-A also provides power while off (lid open or closed).
I don’t have a good way of measuring how much current it can source.

@2disbetter I’ve always used my laptop as a backup emergency powerbank for my phone. It happens maybe once every few weeks that I need to charge my phone while on the go, and the ability to charge from the laptop is a life saver, even though it’s not very fast.

The team confirmed in a previous post (I forget where) that it supports 5V 3A output. That makes for 15W charging.
Edit: Of course I find it as soon as I post.

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@dkt01 Thanks. I can live with it not supplying power while off, was just curious. Sleep is usually enough. At least if Modern Standby can keep its power usage low… I’ve seen some problems with it.

But since it does work while charging the laptop, maybe a firmware option to allow it while on battery would be possible?

@Frosty Wow, thanks, that’s probably more than my phone supports anyway.