Mod Framework Keyboard to External USB?

The fingerprint sensor is just usb, so you should be able to use it, no?

@MJ1 I’m unsure. The FP reader might work, but I really only care about being able to power it on. If I can secure some time in the next week to play with wiring, I will find out.

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To update my last post, I’ve made some progress in building a 3D model of the keyboard. Here’s the STL file I’ve come up with Body Keyboard 3.stl (76.8 KB). I’ve been using Fusion360 to model the keyboard parametrically so everything fits, but perhaps there are still some adjustments to be made to the measurements. These measurements have been taken manually and tweaked manually to make the previous model cover the keys of the keyboard. It still hasn’t been tested over the whole keyboard, but I share them in case they’re a useful starting point for anyone. Please do send my way any corrections anyone makes!

My next step would be to create a case for the whole keyboard, after which I would only need @Arya’s adapter for my first prototype!


Minor update, I printed a bulky first case prototype and snapped a picture to share!

It still hasn’t been put together, and it’s not the most ergonomic, but I hope to iterate over it to improve a possible final product.

As you can see in the picture, I had to print the case in two parts since the build was too large to fit in my printer. I don’t know what mechanism would be best to hold the case and keyboard together (I’m pretty new to this). I have a sheet of wood I was thinking of using for the prototype’s backplate, but was still wondering how to fix the backplate to the case. For now, I have made some holes to fix both of them with screws, but I’d prefer it if the final product was a bit more polished.


Working on it ^~^