Detachable keyboard and mouse on Framework Laptop? Let's Discuss!

Detachable Keyboard And Trackpad Concept For Laptops.
Video Link: #DetachableKeyboardAndMouse - Concept By DLM (DLM'S STUFF) - YouTube
Let Me Know Your Views On This One!!!
I’ve Made A Unique Concept For Laptops Where We Can Continue Our Work Seamlessly. We All Face A Common Problem With Laptops That Is When We Are Not Close Enough To Control The Laptop With Its Inbuilt Keyboard And Trackpad We Do Connect External Peripherals To Control The Laptop. Many Companies Have Came Up With Their Unique laptop Models And Are Still Working On This to Solve This Problem. So I’ve Also Come up With This New Concept Where We Can Use The Laptops Inbuilt Keyboard And Trackpad By Detaching Them From The Laptop By Just Sliding a Single Button. I Hope This Concept Would Come Into Existence Sooner Which Will Be Helpful To Many People.

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The video is interesting. But I wished this thread title could be clear and short to show the content.

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I changed the thread title by myself from “I Want To See A Framework Laptop Including This Piece Of Tech. Let Me Know Your Views On This!” to “Detachable keyboard and mouse on Framework Laptop?” adding “feature-requests” tag.


It’s Fine. Actually, I’ve Kept The Similar Title Before Itself. Thanks For Showing Ur Intrest By The Way😇.

I think people have really a variety of the needs for the keyboard such the language layout, ergonomics, split, trackpoint, number of keys (80%, 60%, 40% keyboard and etc), and positions and size (1 U, 1.5 U and etc) and key switch and key caps of the keys, a firmware level customizable keys.

So, I would rather hope the framework would ship a repairable Linux friendly 2-in-1 detachable laptop “Framework Laptop Go” in the future. It’s like Surface Go 3. So, people can use their preferred external keyboard as a default.

Here are my use cases.

  • I want to carry the laptop for traveling. So, portability and lightweight are important. There is a maximum weight limitation of the luggage for airplane companies.
  • I want to do programming outside on Linux.
  • I want to use a laptop stand such as Nexstand with a comfortable posture without my back pain with a separated keyboard.
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100% agreed on the 2-in-1 or tablet with cover form factor.

I honestly don’t care if the cover attaches through pogo pins, or through USB, etc. Main thing for me is that it can prop itself up, and keyboard +/- can attach both wired and Bluetooth. The Mokibo keyboard / track pad hybrid would have been perfect fit this, if only they offered wired connection.

Hope F.w can perfect the concept for the 2-in-1, or some good third party tinkerers can.

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This is a great one to look into also money-saving :money_mouth_face:.

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What about a proper circuit, if you submit it and claim copyright you can give it a real look. ON DIRECT LAPTOP

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