Modular GPU in next framework product

Hello everyone I needed a new laptop and I wanted a framework but had to settle for a Lenovo since the lack of a dedicated GPU was an absolute dealbreaker. I was wondering if anyone on the framework team has thought about using something similar to an MXM GPU it’d be great to have a GPU socketable outside of the mainboard. I’m not sure if Framework could become a manufacturer for the kind of things I’m talking about here but if something were proprietary or standardized or anything I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I work as an engineer and my GPU failed but luckily my processor has integrated graphics but these last few days have been awful working on integrated graphics if Framework sold a modular card that was a Quadro A2000 or A4000 the techs would buy it, I’d buy it no matter the cost and I wouldn’t need to buy a whole CPU and GPU on the mainboard and it’s not just for people like me but if anybody wanted to upgrade or replace their GPU.


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-pls try to get a good GPU(changeable if possible) for your next model as you mill be able to compete with most of the other competing laptops .People would always prefer your laptop just if there was a GPU (a Nvidia 1650ti or Radeon 6600x).
-You can try making an AMD Advantage edition .
-Pls try to get a Ryzen CPU (preferably Ryzen 9 5800)
if u could do either of these your sales will go boom and I’m hell sure about that. I myself will buy a laptop even though it is a bit costly.
I just love your company and your VISION. And even can i know how to invest in your company??


@Boomerguy would an egpu be an option? Or do you need to be mobile?

What kind of engineering? Are these lightweight JTs or are you opening CAD models? I’m an Engineering Specialist so mostly just curious.

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I’m also a fan of implementing a modular GPU. I’ve had this kind of issue before and it really sucks when a GPU no longer works properly and you have to replace the entire motherboard. The cost of replacing just a CPU and a motherboard is acceptable in my opinion, but the cost of having to replace the CPU + GPU + motherboard is a bit absurd, especially if the cpu and motherboard are fine. Though i suppose with schematics it could be taken to a shop and repaired/replaced, its still not accessible to the average user to fix on their own, not to mention upgrading the GPU or CPU as desired.

That said, i understand why it might still be necessary to have both soldered to the motherboard. And i think given the current chip shortage not having a GPU in the Framework laptop makes sense since this early on. I think for most of the people who are buying Framework laptops right now, increased cost due to a GPU would be the deal breaker rather than lack of GPU.

If the trade off for a modular CPU and GPU is a thicker laptop, i think the people who want those things would see it as a fair trade off, plus there would be the added bonus for potentially having larger expansion cards.

There is definitely a lot of room for future innovation of the laptop once Framework has more funds and customers.

I really hope that framwork will try to implement MXM GPUs in their future laptops. Upgradability probably can’t be guaranteed as future GPUs might require more power, a different cooler design or a different PCB formfactor. There is also the question weather nvidia would allow this with their greenlight program. Maybe its possible to make the cpu and gpu cooler in two seperate pieces. This way you could replace the GPU cooler with a compatible one when you upgrade your GPU. You would simply have to buy the cooler in addition to the new MXM gpu module

An egpu would not be an option I need to be mobile. I do mechanical and I work in Autocad and Solidworks with 2000-3000 part assemblies however the need to access/modify 10k+ part assembles comes up regularly with the occasional need to do simulations mostly stress analysis.

It’s important to note that MXM gpus are “discontinued” the only people I could find that are actively making MXM cards is a company called “CLEVO” and the most recent card is the rtx 2080. So I’m not saying that Framework should use an MXM gpu in their next product instead I’m saying that Framework should do something different like creating their own standard interface and have other companies make the aftermarket cards. Or Framework make the cards but leave the interface as an open standard.