Gaming Laptops Planned?

Is or will there be a gaming focused framework laptop planned for the future? I am a huge fan of this modular idea and would buy a laptop from your company if it supported gaming.

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I know that’s not exactly what you asked but I think the one they have right now supports eGPUs as an alternative, if you reaaally need to game on it.

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I don’t need a new computer yet but if they had a new product planned that would allow for gaming I would be very interested. Its more because I travel and I like to take my games with me.

They haven’t announced anything of the sort yet, but like mayo suggested- your best bet right now is to have an eGPU (meaning a desktop GPU and an enclosure for it that connects via Thunderbolt 3 USB-C) that you can fit into a backpack along with the laptop. It’s not a flat-storing solution but it is travel-friendly to an extent! (This website has more info on eGPUs)

I would love to see Framework produce a fully upgradeable gaming rig that could contend with other manufacturers. I’m not sure though that it’s possible to make modular CPU’s & GPU’s that could be swapped out for newer one’s since this would have to take changing power and thermal performance characteristics into account, while at the same time keeping the form-factor the same to allow these modules to be exchanged (nevermind the BIOS firmware update required).
I think a more realistic approach would have to involve purchasing a whole new motherboard with the newer components/BIOS pre-installed. Not sure if we’d be saving much money on upgrading at that point, but maybe it would be a viable option if they discounted the price on the return of the older part it’s replacing (for refurbishment/recycling)? That would be win-win if can.