Module "dust cover" that snaps onto the locking latches?

I would love to see a 3D printable dust cover/USB-C plug protector for the modules. Since all the modules are USB-C and have the locking latches, it would be great to use those as additional support to prevent bending of the USB-C port of a module hanging out in your laptop bag or jacket/pants pocket as well as having the cover keep dust/pocket lint/etc out of the USB-C port.

These would also be great for organization as you could color code the dust covers and/or have space to put a label with the function of the module in a larger print so if you have a few of them in an elastic band organizer you can quickly grab the one you need without needing to read the fine print or flip them all around to see the port (or determine 256GB vs 1TB modules).

@XenoCow @Josh_Cook have you guys already dreamed these up and I just missed them?


So we mean something that snaps onto the module? I was thinking what on earth are you talking about.

It probably would be too complex to have a locking mechanism built in but could have some kind of cover on the output of the card that locks it in.

My thought for the latch was just a tiny living hinge or nub that can catch over the lip of the module to keep it on, but a friction fit over the USB-C would work for a while.

I hadn’t thought of something like this yet… There are a couple forum threads already out there that accomplish the same goal: 3D printed carrying case and a repurposed memory card case.

What you are specifically looking for are little caps that grab the locking lugs… I’m not sure there is enough “grab-a-bility” to make a sleek looking cap without relying on the USB plug itself for support. Of course, that would defeat most of the purpose!

I think what you’re suggesting could be made, but it would only be a step or two away from being one of those aforementioned carrying cases.

I think it could use the USB-C for stabilizing, it would just have the latches to help ensure not all the pressure would fall on the connector.

The main difference in my mind between this and the carrying cases is the ability to bring just one without taking much more space than the module itself.

I’d use it with a case like this.

Or maybe one of these…


I see… After I move I could work on designing something like what you’re suggesting.

Chewbacca x Framework partnership? :eyes:

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No kidding!

I’m sensing a real marketing idea here.

Something about a road warrior…

I thought that was Mad Max? Could definitely sling the pair of bandoliers under a laptop bag pretty easily. :smiley: As a bonus these ones have a belt/waist clip for keeping the bottom in place, so now I don’t need suspenders!