Monitor at USB-Dock working via USB-A but not USB-4

I have a Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) and a monitor connected to my Lenovo Hybrid (USB-C, USB-A) Dock. When I connect that dock to the laptop via USB-C to a USB-C expansion card at position 1, it does not detect the monitor. But when I connect it via USB-A to a USB-A expansion card at position 2, it does.
But using USB-A to connect to the dock I miss some other functionality of the connection via USB-C like recharging the laptop.
So the question is: Why is the monitor not detected via UBS-C at position 1 and what can I do to make this work?
I would appreciate every help with that issue.

I made some more tests: If I switch the USB-C expansion card to position 2 and connect the dock to that it works. (But the downside is that the USB-A expansion card has to go to position 1 resulting in higher power consumption.)
This all is in room A where I have a monitor connected via Display Port to the mentioned docking station. In room B I have a monitor connected via HDMI to the same docking station and that work without problems connected to the USB-C expansion card at position 1.

The title should be ‘Monitor at USB dock working via USB-A but not USB-C’.

What kind of monitor? Seems strange that either
A: the Lenovo dock has a USB video device in it to drive a monitor, or
B: the monitor itself is a video device that can operate off pure USB instead of needing DP, HDMI, TB, etc.
The marketspeak on the product page suggests scenario A. But I suppose both could technically be true. So if we’re really being crazy, put a USB-C to USB-C in position 1, then put a USB-C to USB-A adapter onto that, then the dock, then the monitor.
In this layout, is the Framework being charged on another port as well as the USB-C dock? Because if both are supplying charge at the same time one might be disabled for safety. And does this dock charge and provide display for other laptops?

I can not say exactly why, but now all works as expected.