Issues with USB-C dock using Port #3 on AMD 13" laptop

Hi all,

Posting here in case others run into the same issues. I had been going crazy this afternoon trying to figure out why my 13" AMD framework (running Windows 11) wouldn’t connect to an external monitor via a docking station. Things had been running fine for the past week, but today nada. Then I realized that I had switched my HDMI and USB-C expansion cards this afternoon on a whim. When switched, the USB-C was in port #3 (based on this picture: Expansion Card Functionality on Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series)). After switching it back to port #4, the external monitor connected again, no problem.

I’d be curious to know why, but I’m mostly glad that it’s working again. Hope this is helpful for others.

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Sorry for the bump here, but I seem to have the same issue now. I used to have my USB-C dock on port 3, but since this week (since I updated to BIOS 3.05?), the monitor wouldn’t turn on and my computer wouldn’t charge. It worked on Port 1 and Port 4.

My audio card doesn’t seem to get recognised at all anymore. Nevermind, I just didn’t realize the USB device disconnects completely when no headphones are connected.

I’m running Arch Linux (6.6.28-1-lts and 6.8.7.arch1-1 behave the same).