Mouse buttons and trackpoint?

Hi, I will not buy a laptop unless it has at least two adjacent mouse buttons.

can we add buttons and or swap in a kayboard from a thinkpad?

I bought a few mice and dome switches and attempted to add my own to a laptop.

I would ideally use 3 or more mouse buttons.

it really matters where they are. i would not mind having about 7 or 8 mouse buttons if they were tiny and mappable.

I typically position my thumb between the right and left buttons, so I can middle-click by hitting both, right-click, left click … ya’ll might be surprised that the middle button is by far the most used button. autoscroll is amazing.

It looks like I will be limited to ThinkPad laptops… I also adore the trackpoint… the default settings are typically bad though. highest sensitivity, tapping off, and various keyboard checks off (I need to be able to hold keys down while moving the mouse)


I don’t think they plan to add dedicated buttons, and to fit in a keyboard of a Thinkpad would require you to modify the chassis.

@Aaron_Peterson1, you can find (y)our people over here:

Any chance of trackpoint?


These are the features that matter to me:
1920x1200screen or better
Matte screen
Real left and right mouse buttons
middle mouse button is actually the most used button… it allows nice easy scrolling…
either pluginable or good battery life
and then come CPU and GPU requirements… after price
My ideal laptop would be a 14in with 16x10 1440p equivalent with a 120hz refresh, can be large, Quattro equivalent to a 4070RTX with a Thinkpad eraser nub, with settings that allow me to move the curser while holding down a key (I returned a Lenovo Thinkpad because of that, I couldn’t actually use the laptop, I had to downgrade the firmware on something to get it to work)

Other requirements include: SSD being removable (bye Apple, I’m not gonna buy any of your products because you poisoned them) ( Ram does not need to be removable)

Magnetic charger would be awesome.

If it has a trackpad, I want tap to click to not even be an option, I don’t want it to ever happen… ever. I mean if I can block the missfeature in the bios, that would be great.