Multiple Monitor connection advice

I currently use 3 external monitors via a docking station, laptop is a Dell E6330, using Linux Mint. I connect all three screens independently using 2 full size displayport and a VGA to HDMI converter. Works OK but I am looking to replace this (when available in the UK) with the Framework DIY. Question is, how to connect three monitors ? All my screens support MST so I am guessing/hoping I can daisy-chain the monitors from either the DP or the USB-C connector ? I think the built in graphics card supports this ? How are other folks connecting up multiple monitors ? Advice/tips greatly appreciated.


As a layperson I don’t understand how to interpret what you wrote. I have two external monitors. I have two Display port expansion cards plugged into the framework, and I have plugged each monitor into a different Display Port expansion card on the Framework laptop. But only one external monitor ‘activates’ - the other is unrecognized and is dark. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to buy some kind of HDMI splitter?

It should ‘just work’

I haven’t tested dual HDMI output yet with mine…

Do you have a faulty expansion card or faulty port on the laptop ? Try plugging the card that works into the port where the card doesn’t work. Also, try plugging the card that doesn’t work into the port that works. A little bit of fault analysis might point you in the right direction ?

I just have bought a framework DIY with 4 usbc cards all perfectly working. I’m using Ubuntu 22.04 and I cannot connect two monitors :frowning:
Each of them works if I connect only one but once I connect 2 the system do not respond, mouse does not move keyboard shortcuts does nothing, disconnect one and this is back :thinking:
Anyone has an idea?

It might be worth trying to daisy chain the two monitors from a single USB-C connection to Display port (conversion cable). If one of your monitors support DisplayPort 1.2, with MST, you can connect your Laptop to the display that support DP1.2, then connect the second monitor from the first monitor via DisplayPort to DisplayPort. Here is a link which might help.

Please let me know if you get this to work as I am looking into buying a Framework Laptop and I have three monitors to connect

@Hideman Did you try connecting one monitor to a port on the left side and another to a port on the right side?

Which model are your monitors?

I have used 3 monitors simultaneously - with and without daisy chaining. With daisy chaining, I used a single cable and the displayport expansion card (and later a different one from Cable Matters), and without daisy chaining I used one displayport card and two HDMI cards.

@Nigel_Henderson Thanks for the advice, tbh I didnt know that we could chain the monitors this way I would have to look at this.

@Anand_Gadiyar I tried all configurations, two left, two right, one each none works. This is super weird because the system fin the monitors, provide the image but freeze neither keyborad shortcut nor mouse and not even monitoring extensions do anything. Then I remove one of the two monitors and the system is back. Ubuntu 22.04 limitation? Intel iris xe limitation? I have no idea.

You mention that the keyboard and mouse freeze, have you tried external keyboard/mouse to see what happens ?

@Anand_Gadiyar. Did you manage to get your multiple monitors working correctly ?

@Nigel_Henderson yes, I haven’t had a problem. I use a single displayport connection with two daisy chained monitors and occasionally a third monitor in the chain. The framework displayport expansion was occasionally flaky for me, so I switched to one from Cable Matters and that has worked very reliably for me.

Thanks for the update. I’m still looking into getting a framework laptop and having three monitors is very important for me. I use three now but on a very old and slow Dell.

I’d say go for it. I’m quite happy with my purchase. If you don’t mind using more than one port on the Framework, then you could even do 4 external monitors, or 3 plus the laptop’s own screen.

OK, finally took some time out to look into getting my three monitors connected up.

Firstly, hardware.
Framework “12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i5-1240P” with “Intel Corporation Alder Lake-P Integrated Graphics Controller”

Operating System. Linux Mint 21 Vanessa

Monitors, I have three monitors, 2 X Dell U2414H and 1 X Dell U2419H, configured U2414H left, U2419H centre, U2414H right. Don’t think this makes a difference but figured I would mention it anyway. Aesthetically it looks better :slight_smile:

MST is enabled on all but the last monitor in the chain

Connections and cables.
Laptop USB-C to left hand monitor standard DP in
Left monitor standard DP out to centre monitor standard DP in
Centre monitor standard DP out to right monitor micro DP in.

Works like a charm

For the life of me I couldn’t get the DP port on the laptop to work. Tried all four ports on the laptop, none worked, not even to a single screen, eventually settled on the USB-C

This type of setup is VERY picky about cables. I tried two different ones off Amazon, neither worked. In the end I spent a tad more than I would normally and went for Startech. These work fine.

Not really an issue but something to be aware of. It can take a good 5 seconds (ish) for the laptop (or maybe the screens?) to figure out a connection has been made. Initially I rebooted the laptop thinking it wasn’t working and as the system was shutting down the Linux Mint logo popped up on all three screens so I knew it was working.

Also, I am using the USB hub in the U2414H with a single connection from the laptop to the hub with peripherals (mouse, keyboard and Ethernet adaptor) plugged into the hub on the monitor. Every now and again there is a lag whilst typing and moving the mouse around. I think this may be a limitation of the hub in the screen.

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