My experience thus far - Batch 4 i5

I’ve been using this for the last couple days, and had initially been attempting to use Arch Linux as my main OS of choice. However after a day of troubleshooting, installing Arch only to find out that my wlan0 what missing entirely while my wifi card was detected, so that was fun.

In the meantime, I’ve been using Manjaro KDE as a main driver until I can figure out whatever is going on, and attempt to find a resource for fixing the solution, I can keep updates on this and I’ll make sure to reply to whatever I get notified for.

P.S. - The post from last week had included a note about my IT program, I’m done. Currently doing some light job hunting, if anyone with experience in the field has any recommendations, let me know.

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Would you happen to know which kernel version you were using? The recommended version right now seems to be 5.12, newer versions seem to have ssues with the wifi card from framework at the moment

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