My laptop has ears! - Follow up on the Joystick modules

I know it’ve been a long time since my last update, but the hardware is finally done. Last step is testing - the fun part.

Thank you all for the great support and help! I will soon post a video that will give a little bit more light on the result of this project.


I look forward to seeing the video!


yoo looks really cool, i’m imagining an atomic purple clear shell on those. would love to buy a couple

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This is amazing, and I’m also looking forward to the video!


I love the concept.

I’m a little worried about structural integrity tho… are these intended to only be used while the computer is on a stand or something, or will the final version be something you can carry the device by like a true handheld? A Framework 13 is pretty light, but I dunno how much force I’d be comfortable putting on an expansion slot.

Ooh, maybe once the functional parts are settled, they could be put in an ergonomic grip that anchors into two expansion slots at the same time to spread the load?

Don’t worry. The video will clarify it a bit. You totally can use it as a handheld. Even more, I had it for days in my sidebag with the joysticks plugged in and it’s totally fine. Joysticks are made out of thick plastic and the laptop shell is strong aluminium. As long as you don’t hit the joystick directly with a hammer then it’s fine. One of them can even take the whole weight of the laptop.

Regarding the ergonomics, the idea is that the laptop either lays on your wrists or is supported on your chest/belly. I will talk about it in the video. I also didn’t want to make it bigger because the philosophy was to make something ultraportable that doesn’t occupy all of the ports, since it will never be a pro gaming device (it’s a business laptop after all).

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