Debating which Framework 13 to buy

Hi all! I love the concept of Framework (upgradeable, less e-waste, etc.) and would like to purchase a Framework 13. It’s quite expensive, though, and I’m looking for ways to save money on it.

I don’t game so no need to take the gaming aspect into consideration. I’m not too concerned about battery life. I’d like to be able to use PhotoShop and store years of photos, use various design programs, stream videos/shows/movies and have the option of doing some basic computer programming, if I go back to school at some point.

I’ve narrowed down my less expensive options and would really appreciate some feedback from the community before making a decision. (Price isn’t a factor for these less expensive options; I just want the best laptop for my uses). I could purchase a factory seconds A stock of an earlier gen (11th) but superior Intel core (i7-1185G7) OR I could purchase a new laptop of a newer gen (13th) but inferior Intel core (i5-1340P) or inferior AMD core (Ryzen 5 7640U).

Basically, I’m trying to determine whether I should put my money towards a newer generation or a superior system, since a laptop that combines both is cost prohibitive.

I’d really appreciate your feedback!


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I’d go AMD or 13th gen. The 11th gen has an issue with it’s RTC / BIOS battery. And while some people don’t run into the issue with how they use their computer, the potential is there.

I suggest AMD. I know you said battery life is much of a concern, but it’s nice to have. Also, good if you go back to school. The AMD has better battery life, and I believe it’s just generally better than the intel 13th gen.

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Thank you! That’s helpful info; I didn’t realize the 11th gen had those issues. And based on everything I’ve read, I’ve been leaning towards AMD over Intel if I do go with the 13th gen.

Just a note: both the i5 1340P and Ryzen 5 7640U will handily beat the i7 1185G7. This is because this i7 model only has 4 cores which are of an older design while the i5 1340P has 4 P + 8 E cores and the Ryzen 5 has 6 cores.

That’s good to know, thanks! Out of curiosity, which would you recommend between i5 1340P and Ryzen 5 7640U?

I’d recommend the Ryzen 5 model as independent testing has shown the AMD models have better battery life than the Intel ones currently. A caveat is this assumes that you don’t need Thunderbolt4 ports.

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Okay, that seems to be the consensus. I’ve heard of Thunderbolt4 ports but don’t know what they are specifically, so I don’t think I would currently need them.

That is probably true for you, but just so you have the best possible info for your decision, I’ll expound a bit more on what thunderbolt 4 permits.

It is a high-speed bus, that allows you to use external desktop class GPUs, RAID file storage, and a host of other high-speed devices. If you don’t see a need for any of these things, then they can be safely ignored.

On the other hand, having thing, extends the life of the device, just because of its future expandability.

Note that the USB slots of the AMD are thunderbolt 3 compatible and also support eGPUs and other external devices, the speed might just be not as fast as the thunderbolt 4 slots from the Intel laptops.


Thanks for the info! I’ll probably still go with AMD, as I won’t have a need now or in near future for what Thunderbolt4 allows for.

Thanks for expanding on that!

11th gen is too slow to be worth buying 2024 in my opinion. 12th gen has no security/firmware update support (except the Chromebook model). Chromebook, 13th gen, or AMD are the recommendable ones. Maybe in the future Qualcomm Snapdragon X motherboards will be available.


There are websites where you can compare performance for various CPUs, e.g.:

The 1185G7 may be better than other 11th Gen CPUs, however it is worse than any other (non 11th Gen) CPU that Framework has offered.

The 1185G7 has 4 high performance cores. Similarly the 1340P has 4 high performance cores (which are slightly faster than the 1185G7’s cores due to refinements), but it also has 8 small cores boosting performance. The 7640U has 6 high performance cores.

The current AMD offerings have better battery life and better integrated GPUs than Intel, so that is what people typically recommend.