Next Generation?

Hi please add

  • ethernet module
  • 64gb storeage (for linux is fantastic, i dont want 250+gb, )
  • touch display
  • and cpu for less money, like amd cpus
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All of these have been long-requested!
AMD mobile APUs are hopefully coming in the future thanks to their popular demand.

Ethernet Expansion Cards are the most popular card request and I believe that they are being designed and (hopefully soon) produced for consumers.

Touchscreen options have also been very highly requested, and is possible as a replacement for the current screen for those who want to upgrade, when that eventually arrives to the marketplace.

As for a 64gb storage card, I haven’t seen many requests for something that small but it could be something that exists in the future if enough people get behind it.


and i forget oled screen :smiley:

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64gb? That’s quickly heading towards trash-tier memory. Do you just want an eMMC plug or microSD slot on the mobo? I could get behind that.

If you’re looking for cheaper CPU options anytime soon (next 18 months), you may have missed what’s going on in the global silicon market. Supplies are short, production prices are going up, and everybody is focusing on pumping out high-value parts.

An ethernet expansion card is tricky (they have a post on it somewhere around here), but no reason it’d need to wait for another generation.


Can’t you just get a really tiny USB drive and some hot glue?


For 64GB it’s probably better to get a Micro SD expansion and use it that way. I don’t think OLED will come anytime soon, it’s expensive and demand for it seems much less than touch/matte screen. AMD CPUs are probably going to be the next to be introduced given their demand.


Use clip/lego connector for type-c expansion card (Not directly soldered to mainboard) so next gen use ribbon cable for increase screen size.

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And disable Intel Me (Management Engine) / AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP)

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