Touchscreen? Or be able to swap in a touchscreen that fits

The only thing holding me back from this at the moment is the lack of a touchscreen. I’ve heard the motherboard is prepared for one, but is it coming anytime soon? Also, does anyone know if there are similarly sized displays that could be swapped in? Would totally be okay with me if there’s one I could change out myself. Love this product!!


You may be able to, if you were to find a copy of the display and get the part number off it and you may be able to find a touch compatible screen, unsure if the motherboard supports it, I know there is a connector for it though.

Word from @nrp is that the 40-pin connector was designed with that compatibility in mind, but they don’t have it on the roadmap yet to produce themselves: Touchscreen that can use a stylus (for creative people) - #17 by nrp

Folks talking about AMOLED displays seem pretty skeptical about the possibility of an easy swap with another machine. I’d love it if it were possible though. Lack of touchscreen is a dealbreaker for me personally, though I’d otherwise love to support what Framework is doing.


For those missing a touchscreen, how about this suggested by one of my favorite Youtubers!


Gotta be careful using something like that. I can’t imagine it’s great for a screen not meant to be touched. No fingerprint coating is a bad time to start

Adding my voice to this sentiment, a first party or community sourced touchscreen is a must for me


Crosslinking Touchscreen for Laptop (not just DIY) too.

I would like to return to this thread and state that I now use the Framework laptop daily and the lack of a touch screen has barely come up as a thought. I have nearly zero complaints about this and I have faith that a touchscreen will eventually manifest. For now, I HIGHLY recommend this product!!


I too would love to see a touchscreen option at a reasonable price something like 1080p or around 1440p rather than some crazy expensive 4k touchscreen.


This panel is the same size and appears to be touch enabled. However, there is no picture of the front side, so I’m not sure if the digitizer would have any Acer branding on it, or if its size would prevent the screen from being able to be installed in the Framework laptop.


Just to support you guys: Right now the only thing which holds me back from preordering: touch screen.
Where I come from: Last years I was working a lot with lenovo thinkpads (ie. Yoga 360) . Recently switched to Surface 7pro which is still great. But I would join the framework users once it has a touchscreen. I am waiting for you (but take your time) as I really like your basic idea.


Hold on ! No touchscreen :astonished: on a premium laptop in 2021 ( almost 2022 ) ??? That’s certainly a deal breaker for me. Not touching this thing with a long pole until it is on offer. Until then, will continue to jam on on my Surface Book 2.

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I logged on to order, could not find touchscreen option. Back to dell website :frowning: - Please add touch as an option!

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@CSab6482 Thought of that too… Have a CNC Cutter here to make the digitizer fit into the case, I will try that out and maybe post my experiences here in the forum. When I have my device (I’m from Germany, the market started with batch 8 so I have to wait a little longer)

BTW… it is interesting that they promote a touch screen for acer swift 3 when the Acer swift notebooks do not have any touch screen… Maybe they do not show the front side on purpose…


I have a feeling it is not just Framework not wanting to put in the touchscreen. There is a fair amount of licensing mumbo jumbo around which can be blamed on Wacxx but they have to protect their intellectual property. The M$ and fruit companies of the world are also guilty of that. Not to mentioned the issue of drivers. I have being looking around for such solutions for some time and it appears that if you want to build a multi capacitive touchscreen like those used in most of the mobile devices. You can easily get the screen and accompanying controller easily. But when it comes to one that supports Active Stylus be it using N-Trig (M$) or EMR you are out of luck since most searches will lead you into a distributor site and no way to purchase any thing. Although I would say the Framework project might be one that is exciting at least for me. Since it is modular so you can swap out the screen when support comes. And looking around what Framework something that I posted in another thread → Touchscreen that can use a stylus (for creative people) - #61 by Darren (Disclaimer: I don’t work for Framework and do not know their plans), it is encouraging that they are already working with a company that supplies such technologies. To be exact I don’t own a Framework Laptop yet, although I am waiting for the DIY parts to become available. I have some Graphic Displays around and would like to try a DIY version the equivalent of a Pixel Slate or Surface Pro 8. I would also dream of the day Framework has a new type of Bottom Cover Kit which takes a screen instead of the Keyboard. I believe they have engineering challenges for the heat of the CPU, GPU not killing the screen and changes in wiring.

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I’m curious if using display from an old surface device would be possible to install on a framework laptop considering it’s the same aspect ratio.

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@Riopato That is what I want to try - Bought an old surface laptop screen and want to try if I can swap out the display assembly as whole or the touch sensors only…


Following. @Archoran_Encor will be really curious to hear how this goes. I accidentally just broke the screen on my touchscreen laptop. I really want to get a Framework as my next machine but I kind of need touch and stylus support for work. It doesn’t seem like official support is coming any time soon, but they’ve said the 40-pin display header should be compatible with touch screens. If the ribbon from a third-party display can reach the port and we can get drivers working, I’ll buy ASAP.

I’d love to have a touchscreen option, its a dealbreaker for me without it.

Any updates on this?

Okay, I see this is not as easy as “swapping out some components”… That touch screen unit needs special controllers (its n-trig for surface)… Maybe I can do some crappy improvising stuff here but then I would still be unable to connect the controller internal on mainboard… so I would have to create a usb device with cables hanging around everywhere and I really dont have any idea what standard microsoft was using for this thing… I did not even speak about problems when using the wrong controller firmware…

The documentation of that crap is not available too so there is literally no info I could use to get this to function.

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