NFC Expansion Card

Yubico is a hardware key for your passwords.

I would like to make a framework expansion card with a Yubikey, or better yet NFC expansion card.

Anybody else interested?


honestly, meh.

too single purpose. would rather a usb c or usb a card, and just putting an appropriate yubikey nano into it.

I think it would kind of defeat the purpose of a security key if it’s always attached to your computer.

I do swear by my Yubikey’s though. It may be cool if perhaps instead of a Yubico specific expansion card if perhaps an NFC reader expansion was added. Then you could authenticate with the NFC Yubikey’s by just tapping near the expansion.


or a replacement keyboard frame / panel with integrated NFC


Honestly you could probably make a simple plastic holder for the YubiKey 5C, it’s pretty small. if your threat modeling doesn’t include physical access

+1 for the NFC expansion card idea.

Could also repurpose the snack drawer as a yubikey holder


I like the idea of the NFC concept too; it was a tangential idea I had.

I renamed the topic to continue the NFC discussion

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This might interest you all then :slight_smile:

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