Lite SNACK Drawer: Simple, Free, & Ready for Snacks

Penny-pinchers , open source geeks, and people concerned with the longevity of sliding drawers rejoice! Upon the great recommendation of @Ethan_Spoelstra I have designed a drawer that is just a closed expansion card. Also, since I don’t believe this to be a transformative or significant advancement over the provided models, I’m giving the files away for free under CC 4.0! Enjoy.

If you don’t have a printer or would like to support me, I will be happy to print drawers for you (Not free, $2.50+shipping. Plastic, my time, and shipping, mostly shipping, costs money). Buy here!

Click here to download files!


@XenoCow Does a full sized SD fit inside this cutie?

Sadly not. Full size SD cards couldn’t even fit if I removed the back inside wall. I would have to extend the expansion card to extend out from the laptop by about 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch (1-3mm).
Expansion cards that end at the edge of the laptop are just a little too cute.

A little protrusion or bump out to allow an SD card or two would probably be worth the impact to the clean lines of the laptop given how crucial full sized cards are to photographers, you could even add a little handle with a divot to allow pulling out the drawer without lifting the laptop up.

Apple and other phone makers get away with a bump for their cameras, we can call this the photographer bump of the Framework.

I’ll put it on my list. That being said, there isn’t yet a full size SD card reader for the framework. There are plenty asking and some people working on it, though!

I would imagine somebody will try to find a way to take one of these and carve out the guts and fit it into the module space.

SanDisk Extreme PRO SD UHS-II USB-C Reader - SDDR-409-G46

As long as it can hold a single Cheez-It, I’m sold.

Would love to see my professor’s face when I take a Cheez-It out of my laptop and start eating.


I like my Snack Drawers. I ordered one that opens and three that don’t. I don’t keep anything in them at the moment, but use them as “blanks” when I don’t have expansion cards in.

(I keep one USB-C card in for charging, as the others draw power even when hibernating).

I think Framework should consider adding Snack Drawers to the Port Expansion Card list for the DIY model :wink:


I’m so glad you’re getting some practical use out of what I thought would be a novelty at best.

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Am I understanding?

These don’t use the latch mechanism to hold them in?

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That is correct. These are essentially blank or empty expansion cards. So, the space inside can be used to hold something if you want. To access what’s inside, you have to remove the whole card.


Since I’ve got no printer and want to try my hand at combing two USB ports on one bay… Would these be a good prototyping start? How difficult is it to cut the material and not deform it?

I’ll do you one better. Framework provides 3D models of empty expansion cards with holes for mounting screws, an open face (like you wanted through cutting), and a hole for the USB Type C connector at the back.

I can print those for you too. It would save you a lot of trouble. I would like to know how Framework considers the selling of the exact designs that they made with no alterations…

@nrp Is selling of the empty expansion cards that you and your team designed and are shared on github as-is allowed?

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I believe the service of printing for another was specifically allowed, but always better to ask directly.

Depending on price and shipping, I’m interested for sure.

Southern USA here.

I’d sell each for $2.50 and shipping would be $2.50 with no tracking and $6 with tracking for the whole order. (If you want to buy more than a handful, we could figure something else out, though).

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Update March 15th
Physical drawer orders will not be taken until further notice due to logistical problems. The digital files are still for sale (or free in the case of Lite drawers Thank you for your patience.

Update May 13th (Forgot to post it then)
Physical orders for these drawers are open!

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Update Dec 18, 2023
Seems I never actually put the Lite SNACK drawers up on the store page… If you looked for them before and couldn’t find them, please take another look now. Thank you! (Here’s a direct link to the purchase page)

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