NFC Reader for Framework

I’ve finally got my Framework 16 - and a very small NFC reader board.
The board works with a USB-C OTG shim and almost fits in the laptop.

Full details at More thoughts on adding NFC to the Framework Laptop – Terence Eden’s Blog

So here are my next thoughts:

  1. Can I (or someone else) desolder the USB-Micro plug and solder on a USB-C OTG plug?
  2. Is having a protruding expansion going to be annoying or dangerous?
  3. How hard would it be to replace the spacer and wire directly into the vacant USB pins under the numpad?

If you have answers to these questions - please let me know!

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Putting in a custom nfc reader instead of a numpad does sound relatively doable.

Here is a community project replacing the touchpad spacers with an e-paper display. The relevant bit is they are successfully tapping into the unused pogo pins with a custom flex cable which routes down to the touchpad spacers.