NixOS on the Framework Laptop 16

Glad you posted this here. I just applied it and will report back if it works. I found this article about diagnosing the issue but I wasn’t sure how to solve the issue.

I was on zen kernel, then went back to regular latest. Now I find this article: Linux Kernels - 4 Different Types of Kernels Explained - LinuxForDevices and I’m wondering: Should I go back to zen for the performance? How much power cost are we talking, here?

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Hi all, is anyone else having issues with steam games running on NixOS? I have it installed via programs.steam.enable = true in my configuration.nix, and so far I’ve tried to play Slime Rancher 1 which occasionally crashes my entire system and turns off the laptop but is mostly okay, and Satisfactory, which near-instantly (just in the settings menu) crashes my entire system and turns off the laptop.

Just wanted to check if there’s a common sense fix before I go and open an issue on NixOS discourse, since I can’t find any other reports of this I thought it could be a hardware issue.
Please let me know where to look in terms of system logs if needed!

The only issue I encountered with steam was after prolonged use. I am pretty sure it was a cooling issue for me as for gaming I use an external keyboard, mouse, and display so I had the lid closed. Once I put a laptop cooler under it there have been no issues.

I have been having issues getting valve index working, but even there I’ve had no crashes when I got the loading environment partially working.

I agree that it sounds like your issue is a hardware issue.

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