Running Guix on Framework 16

Hi everyone,

I am interested in trying running Guix on my Framework 16 once it arrives. I have seen posts like Will Guix work straight out of the box with Framework laptop?

Since the firmware on the Framework 16 is probably different from the firmware on the older laptop models, I am wondering if anyone with a Framework 16 has tried running Guix on it. In particular, I would like to know two things:

  1. does the OS play nice with the firmware?
  2. did you need to compile a custom linux kernel for your laptop?


It might be a while until anyone can try. I’m pretty sure even batch 1 hasn’t started shipping yet!

They’re still in DVT. Late Q4 before anyone gets one at least.


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The FW13 thread for Guix is here:

I haven’t tried Guix with the 7040 series yet (was running 11th gen Intel before), as that would probably be closest to any confirmation whether it will work with the FW16 before it starts shipping. I’ll save this thread and update if I try it on my FW13 AMD.

Using the nonguix channel and non-libre kernel will definitely be required since the amdgpu driver has firmware blobs. I assume likewise for the RZ616/mt7922 wireless card.