NixOS on the 12th gen install notes

Hey folks! I threw my notes about getting NixOS on the 12th gen framework online. So far, I’ve only hit two problems which I’ve documented. If anyone has any other problems they ran into and or fixed, please let me know, and I will update the page. If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Also, if people are interested in a full installation guide I can put that up as well.


Thanks Dov! I am thinking to do the same once I receive my 12th gen and I will definitely copy and paste from your configs :smile:.

I am also keen to experiment with recompiling packages and build flags to take advantage of the latest improvements and to really target the Alder Lake architecture. Also because I would to test the speed of 12th gen chip!

For the rest I want to try more experimentation with making the chip more battery efficient. It already looks from the benchmarks that in ‘power efficient’ mode, that the 12th gen chip is more than 200% faster than 12th gen chip but having worse battery. But does it need to be that fast on battery? I think it can be limited more.

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Great info. I just got NixOS installed on my new 12th gen last night and need to work through your info, too.

Took me a while because I’m new to Nix and NixOS – and because I had to figure out how to manually create an image with 5.19 on it. And really mostly because I followed the Delete your Darlings with Encrypted BTRFS instructions but did some custom stuff like pagefile and temp root and password file for the user. Password file kept not working. Anyway. I probably should do a write up once I’m done – there’s still a lot left to do for a good correct setup.

I suggest you either make a new issue or add a PR to the nixos hardware repo. They have a Framework section there, but it’s just 11th gen. I figure that should probably be split into default for both, 11th gen only, and 12th gen only. And then you could add your suggestions in there as code.