No response from support after initial reply (9d now)

Hoping to get someone’s attention here…

My FW 13 12th gen i5 isn’t turning on since Mar 22nd (same symptoms as 12th gen Intel will not power on).

I sent a support request on that same day, received a reply on the 23rd, asking for additional pictures of the mainboard and received zero contact since…

I’ve tried bumping support on the 27th, PM’ing @TheTwistgibber on the 29th… is it Easter that’s delaying responses? But it’s been over a week now since the last time I got any reply…

Did I end up on the support blacklist people mentioned elsewhere?

Hey Saviq, we don’t see anything on our side since the email we sent you on the 23rd, asking for additional pictures. Are you sure that you have provided the pictures and did not have any issues sending us a reply? And can you please double check if you have replied back from the same email address?

Please note that we do not provide support via PM but if there is a situation like this, you can DM me instead of TheTwistGibber since it would be my responsibility :heart:


Thanks @Destroya,

Yes, I’m sure I replied from the same address… it must’ve got filtered out somewhere:

# times in UTC+1
Mar 23 07:51:19 serwer postfix/qmgr[1702181]: 1C4A82E0E099C: from=<m…@s….net>, size=4128, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Mar 23 07:51:19 serwer postfix/smtp[2190481]: 1C4A82E0E099C: to=<>,[]:25, delay=0.89, delays=0.07/0.05/0.43/0.34, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK  1711176679 a19-20020a05640213d300b0056bde9374e8si559074edx.84 - gsmtp)
# …
Mar 27 13:19:57 serwer postfix/qmgr[1702181]: 7F2172E0E099C: from=<m…@s….net>, size=4672, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Mar 27 13:19:58 serwer postfix/smtp[1157065]: 7F2172E0E099C: to=<>,[]:25, delay=1.1, delays=0.08/0.06/0.47/0.45, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK  1711541998 f9-20020a0564021e8900b0056c366daf0fsi981260edf.8 - gsmtp)

I’ve sent another email just now, including a receipt request.

That is so weird, I still do not see any replies on our end, can you please check this issue with your email service provider? maybe you were not able to send the email because of the attachment size or another limitation?

@Destroya I am my own email provider… and as you see from the logs above, the emails were delivered to Google’s mail servers… I’m not in control of whatever happens next :confused:

The original reports reached you fine, so not sure what’s different now.

I can send from my work email, but you’d need to redirect to the original support case?

I’ve now sent another email, trimming the previous conversation and dropping any links to see if that convinces the spam filter(?) to let it through…

I still don’t see anything on our end that is very concerning. You might want to consider using another email address/provider at this point.

I’ve now sent from another email, I’ll PM you the address.

I agree it’s concerning that something is filtering your incoming email without letting you access it…

Just a note, in case this is the cause. New email security requirements went into effect either this month or last (we had to spend considerable time at work fixing up all the spf, dkim, and dmark records for our domains). Possible that is the cause if you have not done the required changes?

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I also thought of these SPF/DKIM/DMARC constraints when first reading this thread… but GMail clearly replied “250 2.0.0 OK”, i.e. GMail accepted the messages.
It remains possible these e-mails were stored in a directory (spam folder) that Framework’s tools ignore. It is also possible that Framework’s tools failed to parse them properly – I have just stumbled upon an example of that.
@Saviq: your e-mails did not start with “>”, by chance?

Thanks all, yeah I suspect they get filtered out into a folder that’s not monitored…

Nope, top-replied.

I’d encourage you try with a different email address from a mainstream provider. I’ve seen this exact scenario many times, and in every case it has been an issue with the custom email used – generally either a misconfigured email server, a denylisted IP, or low domain reputation.

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@Destroya can you please confirm you received my most recent email from the new address?

Am I now in a new queue altogether, or can you connect up / transfer the request to the new address?

I see that a support agent replied to you last evening, they are waiting for your email.

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Regarding the: SPF/DKIM/DMARC constraints

It is only going to get more serious with e-mail disappearing if you do not have ALL THREE (3) SPF/DKIM/DMARC setup for your domain.

Word of caution to anyone who has their own “domain” whether business or personal; either set this up yourself or pay a support person to enact it. It is NOT turned on by default with Microsoft 365, GoDaddy or most of the major hosters. They are all capable of it working; it takes some manual configuring to get this working right.

There are many cases where literally one message or messages are allowed for 1 day then they are blackholed so as not to arouse suspicion to companies sending spam/malware. I am about to turn on the blackhole for a few outfits I help support for messages that fail to meet these requirements. SPF/DKIM/DMARC constraints have been around for years and are proven to mitigate phishing/malware coming into a company.

Yes, they mitigate the identity theft of a mail-server, but do not prevent spam message coming in from hacked sites anyway. But - it helps. SPAM went down from about 100 a day to around 5 now …

I concur: it is definitely unwise nowadays to send e-mails from a domain name that lacks the SPF/DKIM/DMARC trinity (DMARC does not even have to be particularly strict, but it needs to be there; plus, its RUA/RUF features are helpful). On top of that, IP reputation is still a (tiresome) thing.
Depending on all these points, accept-then-blackhole is indeed a possible behaviour.

Note, that any domain you have - if DNSSEC is not enabled, that domain can be easily taken over through MITM type attacks. It’s the “overall package” that needs securing :}

Another 4 days with no response… with this support experience (contrary to my previous one!) I couldn’t recommend FW as a work laptop any more… myself I’m without my machine for over two weeks now, and even worse, no idea what to do, because I don’t know what the support request result will be.

You really need a support portal where I can check what the status of my case is, email is too much of a black hole. At least an auto-responder for each email, not just the first one.

If you are your own email provider, you are in a niche case.
You can still recommend the laptop to somebody using a mainstream mail provider.
I still hope you will find a solution (as I think anybody should be free to be their own mail server), but you cannot generalize just out of anger.