Not so thin laptop

The race towards the slimmest possible laptop is insane from my POV. For DIY edition I would love to have a possibility to buy a bit thicker bottom case. It’s again a topic related to custom keyboards, but I’m sure there would be other suitable use cases.

Maybe some spacers below the hinges and between the case and the input cover?


That would be… challenging. Since we designed the hinge to open to 180 degrees, attempting to retrofit a thicker base by raising the input cover and hinges would prevent the lid from opening past 100 degrees or so. A thicker chassis would require a pretty total redesign. We’ve fit quite a lot within this 15.85mm thick one though!


I agree, I’d rather have a thicker, more rigid and functional chassis than a wannabe macbook


You could stick the hinges on top the chassis rather than sink them into the case. It would fit in well if a “robust” version was made marketed towards the former ThinkPad crowd. I found this design seems to hold up better than the “new” style hinges anyway (I repair lots of old and new laptops and see much more catastrophic chassis damage cased by the “new” style hinges than the older topside ones in which the only failure mode is wearing out over time).