The Keyboard

Yeah, and that’s what I use on my current Razer, but honestly I just fricking hate it. Two buttons used in combination instead of one in this particular case is just …not good.

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I’m a num-pad guy myself. I miss that being a more standard consideration for laptops, but I think those days are gone.

You could always grab something like this.

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I’ve been using the French Canadian keyboard for over a month now, I really enjoy the typing experience. The keys feel responsive and the layout feels just right.

However I can’t help but to feel the keycaps just look wrong. Having the letters on the top left don’t look as pleasing visually like the centered ones from the Dell XPS, the Surface Laptop and the MacBook Pro. The localization is also weird. I have some keys in French, some in English, and the escape key is in both.

I do wonder if custom keycaps could be an option instead of having to replace the whole keyboard assembly, but I have to admit I’m a bit terrified of having to swap them manually.


I’d buy this laptop in a second (or at least pre-order when available to Australia) if there was an optional ergonomic or even ortho-linear keyswitch layout.
I’m happy to shrink the touchpad to give the keyboard a bit more room.
Gergoplex and Atreus have been suggested.
My preference is something like the Rock On.

In terms of being applicable to the most folks though, the Corne, Iris, Sofle and Kyria tend to turn up the most.
The inner thumb key on the Atreus is just weird and lots of people have commented on that.


that looks like a nice keyboard, a few more keys than I am used to with the atreus but that may not be a bad thing. wonder if it would be possible to modify the hinges that are used at the moment to get more space for keyboard like this.

I too would put in a preorder for.something like this once it arrives in this part of the world (New Zealand).

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I was asking for that here: Not so thin laptop

I guess there’s a bigger chance to have it done as a community project.

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sadly the point on opening is a good one and I frequenty have my screen open past the 100 degree mark

Thank you. I will look for a wired version with all those keys and I should be good for now.

EDIT: Not finding a wired version. Anyone know of one?

Just adding my support for this as well. I’d really like to see multiple top-cover designs come out in the future to allow users to choose what is important to them for keyboard layout.


I’ll jump on board with this idea, as well. Heccin miss my regular-height arrow keys. I can wait, though. Definitely more important to spread these machines across more of the planet, first.


Yes 1000%!!!

If we have to have half hight arrow keys 3 things:

  1. Curve the inner edges so you can feel and more easily press the key you want, current setup is just bad.

  2. Keep the keys the same size as each other.

  3. Make them 2/3s instead of 1/2 hight.

+1 the Fn lock light

A very similar size KB with a much better layout IMO

Edit: Made a mock-up or two :slight_smile:


To prevent half-height up/down and to add pgUp pgDown, the pgUp / pgDown can be put on aroung the up key.

fujitsu e743 keyboard


Hello everyone, I made the diagram of what the Brazilian Portuguese keyboard can be for the laptop Framework, using as a reference any ISO keyboard from the Framework itself so that the keyboard fits perfectly in its place. I don’t know if this is where I post this to request this keyboard as I made a similar post 4 days ago and never got any response.

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Hello Vlad. This thread started 1.5 years ago with a Framework employee writing about the design of the Framework keyboard, and since then it’s been mainly Framework customers (or fans) discussing what they like or don’t like in keyboards.

As far as I know, this is not an official support channel, so Framework may not necessarily respond.

You may get more of a response from Framework in the “Framework Support” forum, where there is already a topic requesting keyboard layouts: What keyboard options will be available? - #69 by joe_skinner .

Finally, you can always buy a blank keyboard an a label printer, and make a custom keyboard with any labels you want on it.


As I didn’t see another response to this, and there is a reason for the position: I wanted to point out: your keyboard has an ISO layout, and in the ISO layout, primary group characters go on the left, and shifted characters go on top. It’s not clear to me whether there is an exception for keytops that have only a primary, shifted character shown, but the usual place for those would be in the top left, and that’s what the Framework keyboard and a number of other keyboards do.

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Cannot edit previous post but I wanted to put the mock-up I made with 2/3 arrow keys and a fn lock light.


Up and down keys are way to small.
You use those keys so often.
I am really desperat for full size keys
Like this e590 thinkpad


I think Framework went to form over function with the keyboard and general design choices…


My apologies if it’s already been mentioned previously in this thread.

I’d really like to see a keyboard layout where the ‘Windows Key’ does not have the Windows Logo on it. Maybe even a replaceable cap version if possible, would be cool to be able to swap out the logo’s for which OS you use, whether it be Windows, Linux or even (If someone ever got it working) MacOS.

Also, could someone explain to me the difference between the ISO and ANSI Covers? I’d really like to understand the different option availble in the Marketplace :slight_smile:


The windows key is mandatory for them to be able to sell Windows copies at the price they do. I agree with you, and have watched threads about painting over it, which I might do eventually, but that’s where we are now.

The primary difference from what I saw is the shape of the Enter and Shift keys, and the minor keys on the right side of the keyboard.