Oculink expansionbay for Looking Glass

I was wondering if there would be a Oculink expansion bay for the F16.
The gpu module is connected via atleast PCI4.0x8 right? Meaning you could have 2 oculink 4.0x4 ports. I really like a software called looking glass i use it alot and it makes VM’s very convinient(looking-glass.io) and it recommends a dual dgpu setup.
And from testing with a igpu before i agree. Would also be cool to have a switch and switch between like a oculinki4 or i8 port so maybe connecting 1 gpu via x8 becomes possible.
I read about diffrent connectors besides the oculinki and i8. I don’t know if i8 to pcie x16 slots are buyable. Anyway just wanted to start this topic.
I saw the i8 topic in a diffrent topic already but i thought i make a post regarding Looking glass.

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Not sure if this topic you saw, but I thought I should point it out in case you haven’t seen it.

In that topic, Seneral has posted designs for a Oculink expansion bay module. And I believe Josh_Cook also said he plans to make a version as well.

There exist cables that convert 8-lane oculink to dual 4-lane oculink.

Framework has published a lot of information on their github, like the expansion bay pinout. Looks to be 8x PCIe.