Any FW16 owner with a GPU via Oculink?


I’m looking forward to buy some FW16’s but there’s something that is holding me back, and it is the fact that Framework does not provide an Oculink expansion bay module. I would definitely order them right away otherwise. I’m in need of new machines and ideally, if someone can confirm me the following, I could proceed with the order.

Does anyone with an FW16 successfully connected to the M2 SSD sockets a desktop GPU via Oculink and made that work?
I don’t mind having the laptop open for now (while a solution like Josh Cook’s is available OcuLink Expansion Bay Module - #177 by Josh_Cook) - so making that work is enough for me.

Thanks in advance!

I believe on the store page it’s still in pre-order so I don’t think anyone has it yet.

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I’m also interested in knowing if anybody got a desktop GPU plugged through OcuLink to one of the M.2 slots for SSD drives.

Ideally the expansion bay would be preferable, but meanwhile that solution could work.

However, considering the initial delays for shipping FW16s and the apparently stalled state(for now) of the OcuLink expansion bay project I think it could be a good idea to wait a bit since new AMD processors will be released later this month with some manufacturers announcing new models with them.
Sure, FrameWork’s bandwidth is not comparable, but after the good job done with FW16’s first AMD mainboards I think there’s reasons to believe a new board with an AMD Ryzen AI 9 HX 370 might happen sooner than expected.

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