Officially Supported vs Compatible Community Supported Linux Distributions

Just a reminder as I see we have a lot of newcomers (welcome!).

This was written to clarify how we support Linux and what that means to Framework users.

Officially Supported Linux Distributions:

  • Official support means we work with the Ubuntu and Fedora teams to do our best to avoid bugs and regressions.

  • We provide official support for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (OEM C kernel) release.

  • We provide official support for Fedora 38 (Intel) and Fedora 39 (Intel, AMD).

  • We provide consistently updated install guides.

  • We provide support ticket assistance.

  • We provide help through the community forums.

Compatible Community Supported Linux Distributions:

  • Community support for Ubuntu non-LTS, Manjaro XFCE, Linux Mint.

  • We provide periodically updated install guides.

  • We provide best efforts assistance through the community forums.

  • If a ticket is opened, we ask you to test against officially supported distros mentioned above (Ubuntu LTS and Fedora), for community supported releases we will redirect the customer to the support forum for their distribution.

Untested Linux Distributions:

  • Any distribution or release not listed above.

Important: As with any operating system, updates can introduce regressions or bugs that sneak by developers. We work hard to avoid this, but it can and does happen. We recommend ensuring you have a consistently backed up home directory or disk image if you have a development environment that is difficult to replicate.

Support for my distro:

We have customers running everything from Qubes to NixOS and all distributions in between.

  • Users are encouraged to run whichever distro they would like. Often, we have forum threads that may already address existing challenges for your specific distro.

  • We are a tiny team of two for Linux support, so we have to laser focus on distros we support.

  • When troubleshooting an issue experienced in a ticket, we need to be able to replicate the experienced issue on a laptop config known to be working. This allows us to dial down on what is happening, configuration errors, update bugs or in some limited instances, a hardware challenge.