Offline VIA support?

Hello guys! Quick question: my RGB keyboard works flawlessly on, but i would like to configure the keyboard while not being connected to the internet.
Did anyone manage to configure the kb offline? Maybe building a PWA for the FW`s fork of VIA?

The app is only an electron wrapper. Electron (software framework) - Wikipedia It just loads the Via website and won’t work offline. To get it to detect the keyboard you’ll need to load the Framework draft definition. I’ll copy the steps here

Using the Via electron wrapper app

Download the app here .
On linux, when you first run the app it will say that it needs to install udev rules, you must allow this or else it won’t have permission to communicate with the keyboard.

Next you need to load the Framework draft definition. The draft definitions are found here

Download the file(s) that correspond to your module layout.

Which keyboard layout do you need? ANSI, ISO or JIS

ANSI (American) layout. Note the shape of the enter key.

ISO layout. British is shown, but this layout is valid for many languages.

JIS (Japanese) layout.

In the Via electron wrapper app, go to the Design tab (paintbrush icon), click the Load button, then select your draft definition design file. If you don’t have a Design tab, go to Settings (gear icon) to enable it.

If you have multiple modules and multiple design files loaded, as I do in the screenshot, use the Shown Keyboard Definition dropdown to select which is active.

Do note that the Via electron wrapper app is like a self-contained web browser. And it won’t load without internet access.

A community member made a Vial port Keyboard: VIA / VIAL support?
Vial has Windows, Linux, Mac desktop apps (fully offline). Vial also allows configuring more QMK features.