Onion omega2+ io expansion board?

I had the idea of making a io expansion board with a raspberry pi chip on it (similar to the guy who did a esp32 expansion board) but quickly realized that that wouldn’t work. I think the onion omega2+ would work but idk

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That looks like it’s just a very old wifi router soc, why exactly would you want that as an expension card?

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Do you mean the RP2040?
A couple of people seem to be working on RP2040 cards.

My main goal was to have a secondary Linux computer so you could run tests and programs on Linux while still being on windows and not having to do virtualization (I do this all the time on my desktop and just thought it was a good idea) I didn’t realize how old it was or that it was made for Wi-Fi routers. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

As for the Rp2040 I looked at it and it just isn’t powerful enough to run Ubuntu server and python.

Sorry if this is hard to read or if it doesn’t make sense I’m currently camping and am speed typing on my phone.

Also I don’t currently own a framework but am seriously considering purchasing because it’s so cool.

Yeah that would be extremely painful to use for anything more than a meme. What exactly is your issue with using virtual machines for that? (or hell a computer somewhere else or even in the cloud)

That router soc definitely isn’t running ubuntu server either XD. Python though maybe but incredibly slowly.

Theoretically you may be able to fit the guts of a pi zero2 in an expansion card form factor but that would be very hard and not really worth it.

I was only suggesting something that my single brain cell came up with and as for why no virtualization, I’m stupid XD

Sure, why not? That sounds like fun! It’d stick out on the underside and out of the laptop, but only a bit, I gather - nothing too critical. I’ve designed for Omega2+ before, it’s more than simple enough - you’d need a 3.3V regulator, maybe even add optional ethernet somehow, but there’s not much needed otherwise.

ye that looks very doable! wifi antenna section will have to face outwards, leaving microsd slot only accessible once the card is unplugged… but what won’t one do in the name of having fun =D

wanna develop it? I have my own, larger Omega 2 breakout PCB from the good old days; (for sale here btw), and I could easily make a working version of such a card. If you wanna try your hand at it, I’ll gladly help with design review!

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Hmm yeah a little too big

I continue to be blown away by the odd things people describe doing in this forum. But damn, keep going! It’s just kind of inspiring.

It can stick out Ethernet-card-style, that’s alright IMO! There’s kinda no way that it wouldn’t stick out, too =D Thankfully, these modules are hotswappable - if you wanna transport your laptop somewhere, you can abso pull the module out, and, it should be sturdy enough to still hold in the laptop while you carry it around!

I wonder if you could do just like a little 3d printed case but missing the top cover and the side cover adjacent to the laptop usb c so you could save on print filament/time/supports