RP2040 Microcontroller Expansion Card

Hello, I am working on an expansion card that contains an rp2040 like the raspberry pi pico. I am planning to add a customizable cover for things like ‘dust covers’, led strips, etc. And was wondering if I made a design for this if it will be eligible for a grant. Thank you.


That sounds like a great Expansion Card to develop, and one that fits the criteria for what we would like to help fund prototyping of. Once you have a design ready to send out for prototype fabrication, please submit a grant application.


If anyone would like to follow development, I have something based off of the RP2040 example design, on GitHub: GitHub - boredom101/dev-expansion-card: Framework Laptop Expansion Card


It’s good to see some development started on cards.@Yisroel_Newmark
By the way, What this card can do?

The idea of the card is to provide a microcontroller with a few gpio pins available, as well as a few covers to put on top, like LED strips and buttons, as well as a way to easily make more.

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Just a quick update, I basically finished the card’s schematic. The only thing I could see changing is the order of the pins