Please allow the keyboard to be moved all the way down, away from the screen

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I follow the news about the new 16 inch laptop and noticed the keyboard was moved left and right in the video. Will it move down as well? That will help me look away from the screen when I type.

Also, can I do Shift+Insert on the keyboard without pressing the Fn key? I love doing that.
I noticed the arrowkeys are nicely spaced. An option for a full keyboard without Fn key and stuff would also be great if not already planned.

With great interest, I hope to see your products in Romania soon.
Thank you and keep up the amazing work guys! :hugs:


I had a laptop, pre-windows, that did not have a TouchPad close to the front of the body. Impossible to find such a design nowadays.

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From what has been seen of the current design / prototypes, the keyboard won’t be able to be moved down.

Framework has said the Framework-16 will use qmk open source firmware for the keyboard. With qmk you can reconfigure keys in numerous ways, so you should be able to make it do what you want (if it doesn’t already).


Noticed the “spacers in a range of colors” option for Framework 16. That will make a laptop stand out even more. However, laptops exist with the keyboard centered or with a numpad already. Some even have the ports I want. None has the keyboard I want :frowning:

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I believe Asus has some Duo laptops where there is a second screen where the keyboard traditionally is which pushes the keyboard down to the edge like you seem to want. They tend to be expensive though.

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It dont prefer a screen as keyboard. Or a secondary screen like some Asus models have that indeed made them move the keyboard down. What I want is space between the monitor and the keyboard, and no screen or RGB there. There was Acer Predator Helios 700 but it is old hardware now. Framework is my last hope :slight_smile:

I got used to whatever laptop I had in front of me, but that is not the way forward. Maybe next framework laptop will have my dream kayboard :slight_smile:

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I like that the screen has that bezel at the bottom.
Also there is more space at the top of the keyboard compared to other laptops.
The arrow keys being spaced out properly is something I really like now about the Framework keyboard.
I would buy the 16 inch model the way it is now. Top product. :slightly_smiling_face: